Thing 3 – Visual Learning

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Below, I used Tagxedo to make my world cloud. My resource I use periodically is BrainPop. I have copied and pasted a small paragraph and created my world wall into a shape of an apple.


I believe all of the 108 ways to use world clouds are very beneficial. My favorites include students using world clouds for discussions, vocabulary words, and projects. Learners can answer to questions or respond to a comment on world walls. They can also use this tool to type their vocabulary words for each unit. Students can then print these out and place them where they can access them easily. In school projects, students can create a word wall describing a famous person, explaining different land regions, or even adding it to a student paper. This article lists clear examples on how to use world clouds and incorporate them into lesson plans. The best part of these world clouds is that it can be used in all different subjects and grade levels. In my classroom this a resourceful tool because I will incorporate it into various lesson plans.


 My Gliffy

Here, I created a graphic organizer on Gliffy. I incorporated pictures and videos to pertain to various learners.







My Schools QR Code

       I created a QR code that is linked to my school’s website!

Scan above to view Mt. Clemens Montessori Academy’s school homepage.



My Piktochart

Here is an infographic on Piktochart that I can use for my upcoming lesson on plagiarism. It did not save as I had planned but was a great experience that I have learned from!


I have uploaded a few visuals on my Face of the Classroom website!

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