Thing 4 – Cloud Initiation

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1.   I have created my own Symbaloo 5th grade page. This is a bookmarking tool that will support my teaching now and into the future. Below is what my Symbaloo looks like now and will develop each day.

http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/5thgrade234 via @symbaloo


2.   As I learn new resources from this point forward, I will make sure to bookmark them in my bookmarking tool.

3.   Creating a Dropbox account was very useful. I was not sure what this tool was for but now I have realized what a great and easy tool this is for sharing files and folders.


Here are three links to my documents that I have created:




4.   These new practices I have learned about will help me bring technology into my classroom. These tools will be beneficial and crucial when connecting with students and parents. The bookmarking tool I have chosen to create is called Symbaloo. This will help me to keep my own bookmarks in order or bookmarks to share with my students. This tool is easy to use and has visual effects. The Dropbox tool is another great idea to keep things organized. This tool allows you to upload files and be able to access them at any device without using a hardware. It is also great because you can share files with your students or parents where they can access them any time they want. This would be the best for absent students to get their missed work online through this Dropbox tool.

5.   Learning this “thing” helped me realize the benefits that computer technology has in the classroom. This has changed my own practices because I will now keep a Dropbox active and post things daily. This will not only be for my benefit only but will benefit my students and parents to easily access any paperwork or assignments. I also enjoyed creating my own bookmarking page. I thought that is was fun and students can easily access and navigate through the page. I also could see myself creating multiple pages for different subjects. I will now use these new tools I have learned about and apply them into my teaching.

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