Thing 5 – Collaboration

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1.   For this activity, I chose to concentrate my unit of study on mathematics. Fifth grade has a difficult math curriculum and need all the help I can get! I would like to improve my upcoming lesson in unit 3 on Lesson 1.

2-3.   Here, I created a new document using the Google Drive Documents. I uploaded my typed lesson and shared it with  my instructor as well as two of my colleagues at school. I made sure to share this with “comments allowed” in order to receive feedback.

Google Drive Pic

4.   I asked my two colleagues to read my lesson plan carefully and comment on anything they think should be added or changed. Receiving information from experienced teachers is one of the best ways to learn and become a better teacher yourself. This is how the document looked after the comments were made.

5.  Doodle is a great tool to schedule a meeting or conduct a survey online! Teaching is a very busy career and sometimes we can not see certain people in the school at certain times, this scheduling tool online helps to illuminate the stress of meeting up with another staff member to discuss a day or time where everyone can meet. Doodle is simple to use and once your request goes out, it goes straight to the inbox of who you invited. I would consider this a tool I would use in my professional career. Learning about this tool will make things easier to communicate days and times with others especially when there is more than two people trying to meet. This will be very helpful and is dedicated to manage everyone’s time easily.

Doodle Pic










6.   During my meeting with my staff members, I created a Lino to display students resources. I have included vocabulary words, example problems, a PowerPoint lesson that gives step by step directions, and finally have included two videos. I also thought it was important to add the objectives of what the student will be learning in this chapter. Take a look at my Lino I have created. I will use this tool again in the future to keep notes organized or create one for my students. Either way, it is a great resource to keep it mind.

Lino Pic






7.   The two resources I would use to modify or adjust my lesson would be both Google Docs and Lino. I would use Google Docs to share important documents or articles with my students. Students will then be able to pull these documents up anywhere they want. Most importantly, these documents will never be lost and can always be accessed. I also like this tool because students can upload their papers and I can easily check them and make comments on their papers! This way, students can see exactly what I am commenting on and make the appropriate changes.The second resource, Lino, is a great sticky note tool. It would be nice for each student to make their own. If not, having these sticky notes set up for each lesson will be a great tool to keep things organized.

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