Thing 6 – Communication

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1.     I chose choice #1, the Skype assignment. I created a new username and password. My username is schoolrocks23. This name will be specifically for educational purposes. Learning about the 50 ways to use Skype in the classroom brings up a lot of interesting ideas.  A few of my favorites that I never thought about was conducting interviews with someone, having an author or illustrator talk to a classroom, and my personal favorite, videoconferencing with other students in different states! This is my favorite because students can learn from other students. They will be able to ask questions and visually see who they are talking to! I will definitely use this tool and apply it for different reasons.

Using Skype, I conferred with two of my fifth grade students. We discussed how we could use Skype and how it could be beneficial. The students came up with great ideas including speaking with family members, speaking with other students, and talking with a friend. It was a great way to introduce this to this students and find out how this could be a learning tool.

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