Thing 7 – Productivity

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1.   I took a word document (a lesson plan) and converted the document into an .mp3 format (audio). I created this by using Zamzar. Zamzar is a free online file conversion tool that will allow you to upload a file to their web site, choose the conversion format desired, enter your email address, and wait for the file to be converted and sent back to you. This is so easy to use and it delivers your downloaded file right to your email so quickly!


My reflections on Zamzar is that it is a terrific tool! This could definitely influence my classroom instruction through a number of reasons. Any grade level could benefit from this tool. For instance, if i have struggling students who need something to be read to them, I can now easily convert it into an audio format. Another great thing about this is if a computer is not compatible to a certain document, I can convert that document into something that will be compatible for that computer. This will save me more time and be beneficial at the same time.

2nd zamzar emaiil              audio pic






2.   I created my own Google Calendar for my colleagues at my school. We are always wondering when events take place and what times they are held at. The Google Calendar is a great way to keep things organized and stay on track with days and deadlines. I also like this calendar because you can share it with other members of your choosing. I chose to share this calendar with my colleagues but you could definitely use this at the beginning of the school year and share it with your students and parents. This way, students and parents can be up to date on upcoming events and reminders.









3.    I took one of my Google Docs that had a URL ( and converted this long URL to a shortened URL ( I included both my original URL that had 77 characters and the new URL that became 26 characters. To make this happen, I used This resource tool is fantastic because it is difficult for children to remember long URL’s, this URL shortener website will make it easier for students to remember the site. There are more URL shortener websites however, this one I chose is very simple and fast to load.

tine url






4.  Evernote allows you to save images, web clippings, and audio messages to a common “cloud” location. It is a great web resource because it allows you to access the documents anywhere just like Google Docs. I also like this resource because anyone can access it without a login or password making it easy for students to access. I made my own Evernote account here.









5.  LiveBinders is an awesome web resource. It is an area where you can put all information about a content on a single page. You can organize online materials here along with sharing the page with teachers and students. In the future, I would love to create my own LiveBinder on certain subjects or materials. I think students would benefit from using it and would keep things clean and organized. I have looked at other LiveBinders that other teachers have made and can be a good resource to include in my classroom. A couple I have chosen that would fit the curriculum of my classroom would be where it covers material for 5th grade civil war. It has great tabs that apply to certain aspects on the civil war. Another LiveBinder I found useful is I liked this LiveBinder because it had a holiday section where I found a scholastic website for Thanksgiving that I actually had my students look at this week!  The binder also contains other tabs that are resourceful as well.


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