Thing 10 – Search Strategies

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1. Researching on MeL Educational Databases is amazing. It is easy to use and you know the information is correct and appropriate for school level children. Comparing and contrasting the databases e-Library Elementary and Kids InfoBits was easy. They are the same in appropriateness in the fact that they both are reliable databases and both for elementary school level. They are different because the Kids Infobits website looks more appealing and interesting for kids. The e-Library Elementary website looks a little¬† boring and not much to see on the page. Although, it does have information regarding reading levels which is a great tool for teachers to look at and decide if it is a right article for their students. As for usability, they both have search options and are both easy to use. However, the Kids Infobits site shows categories for students to press with pictures as soon as you access the page. This makes it easier and convenient. The other site has an advance search which is great, but my opinion, confusing for younger students. Regarding to content, both databases have a variety of different categories such as magazines, newspapers, articles, books, etc. The difference is that the larger buttons on the Kids Infobits makes it easier and shows a few on a page instead of a whole list like the other database which may make a student overwhelmed. Lastly, credibility of the pair of the databases for use within the classroom is what i stated earlier, they are both reliable resources. I know students will not find biased information and that they are all true facts. These resources support the best practice of “generating and testing hypothesis” by finding a topic and researching it. It is simple to use and students can find correct resources from a variety of categories to generate their hypothesis.



Using the MeL database, I find this very useful for my third graders. My students in Social Studies are learning all about Michigan. This unit is about Michigan’s economy. I found that the MeL Michigana would be perfect for students to research more information on Michigan’s economy. I found an article on this database that would be perfect! Click on Michigan Economy¬†to open a PDF. Another database my students and I could use is BookFlix. The best part of the site is how you can watch the story online. Martin Luther King Jr. and other important holidays are coming up and this would be perfect!


Below, I used the Joyce Valenza criteria at the BASIC (elementary) for websites that are on the bogus/hoax list. The first one I looked at was http://www.bigredhair.com/boilerplate/ . The content looks historical. It has an official web site and other categories. Credibility is by a lady Anina Bennett where she has her own biography online and is creepy. Bias/purpose is that the boilerplate looks like a person in a costume but the word boilerplate used to be the hardest/toughest material around at the turn of the century. They were flat plates used for steam boilers. Usability and design is not educational and not appropriate. They is bias on each page and at one point inappropriate in the fact that there is a “robot romance” designs.

The second website I went to was called http://www.fulkerson.org/ancestors/buyreviews.html. This was a very interesting site! It is a site where people can “buy ancestors”. The content looks silly and unprofessional. Credibility is funny because there is a disclaimer at the bottom of the page that says it might be illegal to buy in certain states! The bias/purpose is that it bribes people to fix their ancestors to make it interesting. At one point in the website, it says having a famous person as a relative will help in getting a job you want! Finally the usability and design is again unprofessional and has a lot of negative reviews. This is so ridiculous, I cannot believe people come up with these things! This is a concern because young children can see this site and be persuaded because they think it will benefit them in the future or make them look “cool” to their friends for having a famous, well known, ancestor.


I used the free citation machine online to create my APA style citation. This website was very easy to use and quick! I like how you did not have to put in all the information. All you have to do is put the tittle of a book or article, press search, and the site will generate a list of options. Then you click the one you want, go to the bottom, and press make citation. I did this myself using Google Scholar to find a book. I looked up endangered animals and found a book on Endangered Animals of Thailand. Here is my citation for this book.

Humphrey, S., & Bain, J. (1990). Endangered Animals of Thailand. Gainesville, Fla.: Sandhill Crane Press.

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