Thing 9 – Be Legal and Fair

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1.  After reading the information and watching the videos, I took the copyright quiz. Here is a screenshot on how my quiz look like.

Copyright Quiz

2.  Based on what I learned about copyright laws, I realized that I have broken the copyright laws once before. I used to burn movies without acknowledging or paying the owner. This is illegal and my actions affected the director, publisher, and perhaps the actors. This has affected them because if everyone burned DVD’s, no money would be collected to the producer or director. It could also show the ratings being lower but in reality, they do not know it has been downloaded by others around the world illegally. There are a number of steps I could take next time to ensure I am being legal and fair. One thing I would do is actually buy the movies. This way I will have it forever and be legal. I also could rent movies to watch instead of burning them. Another step would be watching a movie on YouTube, if they offer it. Finally, I could buy Netflix so I can watch movies and television shows without breaking the law. There are many other ways of approaching this concept. Even asking the producer for a copy might be another way to approach this manner. Overall, being safe and legal is the way to go!

3.  The Creative Commons Licensing site  allows a creator to give permission to those wishing to use their original works in a way that respects the owner’s wishes. This way, it is fair and legal. Here, I have chosen a license feature that determines certain permissions on my Face of the Classroom website.

Creative Commons License
Welcome to Ms. Z’s Face of the Classroom by Vivian Zarmakoupis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at http://zarmakoupis.weebly.com.

4.  Using a plagiarism checker online is great and a useful tool. Many time students have the tendency to copy what it online because it is the easier thing to do. Again, this is illegal and consequences will follow. Showing students that this plagiarism checker exists, can change your students minds about copying. They will think twice about their actions. I believe this would also help students be more aware and force them to create their own writings and be proud of them.

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