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Two audio resources I would use in my classroom is iTunes and iTunesU. These are great ideas and will enhance the learning in my classroom. I have used iTunes for a long time. It is easy to use and you can search thousands of topics. It is a media player program and allows you to play audio quickly. I also like the iTunesU which is also a media player for educational purposes. This also seems very easy to use and like how it can be downloaded as an app so students can access it on their iPads. The app has iBooks that allows students to listen to a book right at their own fingertips. You could also have the students research audio or speeches from years ago. This is a wonderful resource and now that Black History Month is approaching, I will have my students try and  access speeches and music from history. Two video resources I would use in my classroom would be both school tube and teacher tube. I like these two sites because I know that these sites are safe for students to use or watch. School tube is nice because students can access it, search a topic, and watch and learn. Teacher tube allows teachers to also search topics but also has a bar at the top that allows you to narrow down your results. I would definitely tell my colleagues about these two sites and to my other friends in this field.

2.  I told one of my colleagues about using a podcast resource to augment to learning process. In my school, students in the fifth grade will be making morning announcements over walkie-talkies. Showing this resource to this teacher allowed her to think how much better this would be. Not only would students be on camera and be excited but this video will also be shown online for anyone to access it. With this idea, TeacherTube allows anyone to upload a video easily and allows you to privatize or allow certain viewers to see. We discussed how this would be a great learning experience and parents could also be their audience and praise them for their work. Making a podcast would also develop literacy, speaking, and writing skills as well as technological skills. These are all very crucial for students to be well at and our school will prepare them for the future using this idea. Finally, we discussed how students would get excited and will not realize how it is a learning process, working and developing skills as a team.


I visited M.O.R.E. and Michigan Leans Online. I found a very neat activity that I could do with my students that I did not think about until coming across this site. It is a fourth grade lesson plan but I could easily modify it for my third graders! Here is the site: http://moodlehubpreview.remc.org/course/view.php?id=16            It shows fourth grade online literature circles. I love this site because it brings about the joy of reading. It gives you step by step instructions on what you should do with your students. I could easily do these lessons with my upcoming guided reading book that I will be reading with my students, Charlotte Web. I really liked the character scrapbook and the prezi. It would be hard for my third graders to come up with a prezi, but if i give them step by step instructions I feel that they can pull it off!

This next website, I visited TWICE which stands for “Two Way Interactive Connections in Education”. I visited this site: http://www.twice.cc/images/M_images/2015.amazing_states_teacher_packet.pdf  Here I found a very interesting idea that my students would love. I found “Amazing American States” which is a two-way interactive video conference celebrating what makes America’s states special. In social studies, my class just finished a lesson on how different states specialize different products. We are now getting into Michigan’s government and it’s economy. This would be a great opportunity for my students to gather and present information about Michigan and share it with students from another state. I think students would be excited and would be creative in  presenting their information. I also liked how this pdf shows the common core standards and how many those apply in this interaction. Not only would this touch on the social studies standards but as well as economic perspective, inquiry, language arts, and technology.

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