Thing 13 – Digital Images

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1.  I have created a talking smiley avatar to introduce my Face of the Classroom page. It was very interesting to see all the great tools you could use on voki. My students would enjoy creating their own character and using audio to give their voki a voice! I could also use voki as an anticipatory set when introducing a new topic or lesson. I feel that my students would be more excited listening to an animation than to me! Here is my voki that I created.



2.  Shutterfly is a free photo-sharing site. Anyone can access your photos if you choose to. This would be great for sharing classroom photos and giving the website to all parents to access them! Here is a photo I uploaded. It is just a start but can easily develop it with photos in the classroom.


Here is my site where you can access my photo and page :  https://zarmakoupis.shutterfly.com/ 


3.  PhotoPeach is a great resource. It is a free site that lets you download pictures and transforms it into a simple slideshow. Music of your chose can be added to make the show more entertaining. I found copyright pictures of animals on http://www.pics4learning.com/  which also contains many other categories to explore. I chose three pictures and used http://fotoflexer.com/  to transform the pictures using special features. I could use these resources for multiple subjects. I could use the animal theme as I did here because in writing, my students are working on their nonfiction piece on an animal of their chose. It would be neat for each of my students to upload their own animal and special effects where I then combine them all together on PhotoPeach and make a slideshow with all the animals put together. I was also thinking of making a show containing famous African Americans since this month is black history month. These are all valuable resources I got use and am very excited that I got to experience them!


Animals on PhotoPeach — http://photopeach.com/album/10laybc#  


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