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I created a presentation using Blendspace. This site allows you to create an online visual presentation in minutes. You can upload pictures, video, text, and search the web with a click of a button! The program allows you to select and drop the materials you have chosen where it then generates into a presentation. I have chosen my content area surrounding Black History month. I have been trying to decide what to do this month over the past week and this resource helped me think clearly. I made a presentation using videos and sites of various influential African American’s. I also found a lesson that i am taking and modifying it. Students will research their African American person and later draw and create a mural with the entire class. I will then hand this outside of the classroom for the school to see!

Here is the link to my presentation!


2.  I plan on using this presentation as a whole group with my students. My students will be on a circle on the carpet and I will ask the question, “Does anyone know what Black History Month is?”. I will call on students that have raised their hand. I will  then ask if they remember anything they learned about African Americans in their previous grades. I will tell them how their are many important and famous people that we honor today. I will show them my presentation. This will teach them a few facts about the people who changed our world; from inventors, doctors, artists, authors, musicians, to civil rights activists. Students will get a glimpse on what it was like to be a slave. I am also reading a read aloud called “Who Conducted the Underground Railroad And Other Questions About the Path to Freedom”. This is will all tie in together very nicely. This addresses the SAMR level throughout Redefinition. My Blendspace presentation allows the creation of a new task that may have been previously inconceivable. The technology that will be incorporated will give students a visual rather than hearing it from a book or from others. They will really understand and see who and what it was like for American Americans and who have bought amazing things into our society. A “best practice” that this ties into is many. However, I believe this technology will generates mental pictures inside my students’ minds. I think this is important and will help students remember.

3.  To go with this lesson, I chose for students to make a mural of what they learned from the presentation and the read aloud. I will give students a half piece of white card stock. Students will create either pictures of a certain individual or an area of interest. They will color and create their own mural. I will ask the technology expert at our school to allow students to look up some information about what they choose. Students will have the option to write a couple sentences on their mural or behind. When their own card stock is completely colored, I will have the whole class but their art on the floor and have them create an entire mural. I will tell them to move their art around so that it looks great in its entirety. Students will work together to create a huge class mural. When students have completed this process, they will flip theirs around and tape the edges together. I will then take the mural and hang it so others can see. I believe this mural ties in nicely with my Blendspace presentation. It will show creativity, collaboration, and how well they understood the material.

Here is my rubric that I will be assessing them with!

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 3.17.23 PM



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