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1.  I am building my PLN on Linkedin. It is a great social networking site. It is very professional and you can connect to friends and others in the field of your study.

Here is my Linkedin page. You can find me by typing my name Vivian Zarmakoupis!

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2.  Twitter is another great networking site.  It allows you to connect with other educators and groups to learn and build professional relationships. I have followed the 21 Things 4 Teacher Twitter Network and posted a tweet by using the hashtag #21things4. You can follow me on @zarmakoupisp!

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3.  I joined the MACUL (Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning. It is a free site you can join and allows you to access their MACUL Journal. I have joined SIG EE (elementary education) which is an interest group that focuses on using technology tools for grades K-6. Its’ mission is to enhance the learning and integrate this instruction throughout each subject. I have also joined SIGMM (multi media) which focuses on current technology. They are known for their presentations and publishing videos, photography, etc. A third interest group I joined is called SIGOL (online learning). This promotes blended learning by using instructional tools for teaching online learning.

An article from the MACUL Journal that I decided to look further into is called the Reading In The Emerging Digital Age from the Emerging Tech: The Only Constant is Change (Journal Fall 2014). I liked this article because it explains how reading needs to be done in two ways. Both digital and print reading. Research shows that the brain process these types of reading differently. In other words, these ways teaches different skills of reading that students should be familiar with. Another great idea this article suggests is providing students choice and offering them a variety of genres. I agree with this because students need to explore what they like to read. This will build stamina and will encourage students to like reading. The most important factor in this article is to allow your students time. As an educator, it is important to give your students daily, time to read on their own both print and digital. This will enhance their fluency, accuracy, and  will build their creativity.

4.   Through the REMC projects page I viewed a video called “Video Story Problems”. This video appealed to me because my class is learning about 2-3 step word problems. These can be tricky and quite boring. The steps needed to create this is to always bring a camera, always be observant, and capture curiosity. Another idea is for students to create a readers theatre using a script. Students will be given a story problem and they would have to make their own script from that. They would be video tapped and presented to the class. I absolutely love this idea. It is simple and something I never thought of doing. I feel my class would be more engaged and would understand the math problems. I also think this will help to benefit my visual learners!


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