Thing 17 – Evaluation and Assessment

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1. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of student education records. Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act ( HIPAA ) protects individuals health information, and patient rights regarding health and safety.  I completed the pre and post FERPA/HIPAA quiz. I learned a great deal. I had no idea that FERPA grants parents the right to have a copy of any of their child’s educational record. I also did not know that when a student transfers to a new school, the former school is not required to transfer their records. There were a few other facts that I was not sure on. Taking this quiz made me realize the truth behind on what the “acts” really stand for.

2. The MISchoolData portal is a great way to see how your school is doing compared to the state. Anyone can access these results and can see any grade level or testing at a specific school. I looked at my schools MEAP Mathematics results from last year (2013-2014). I have uploaded both a graph and a chart below from my school’s results. I did not pick a certain grade level because I was very curious in all upper grade level’s results.

mt clem   mt clem chart





I noticed that 4th and 5th graders at my school are mostly proficient or advanced. 3rd graders and more of a gap in being partially proficient.





Here is a graph and chart from the statewide results.

statewide graph    statewide chart












Looking at just the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades, I noticed that my building is meeting the leaning needs of all students. Overall, our building has less “not proficient” students in the field of Mathematics in all three of our upper grade levels. I believe this is a great review and will use this site in the future to see strengths and identify weak links in a specific grade level.

3.  I created a “perception and process” data using Google Forms. I made an example below using 5 students and scores. Google Forms is a wonderful tool because it does the work on its own! This helps with time management, organization, and letting me know exactly who in the class is understanding and who may be struggling.






Below, I made a survey using Google Forms as well




4.  I will definitely consider using polls and surveys in my classroom. One way that I would use them would be to create one on the first day of school Nothing is better than getting to know your students. Right off the bat, using a survey I would know which subjects they strive in and which are challenging to them. I would also ask about their schedule out of school. For example, is it busy with sports and extra curricular activities, or are they home alone. I would also ask my students if anyone helps them with their homework and who. These are important questions that will help me individualize my students with considerations. Lastly, this data would help me get a sense of their homelike. Overall data, polls, and surveys will all play an extreme roll in my classroom. Not only will I create one at the beginning of the year but also during the school year, after a lesson, and even at the end of the year to get a sense on how the year went! These results will be a guide towards my teaching abilities which will ultimately benefit my students academically.

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