Thing 18 – Dig the Data

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1 & 2.  I have used Google Docs Spreadsheet to create my chart and graph below using my school’s data. I used three test grades and then calculated the count of participants, average score, maximum score, and totals. This was simple to use and basically did the work for you! I could use these spreadsheets for multiple reasons/subjects. All you have to do is know the formulas!













3.  I am so thrilled that I learned how to use spreadsheets and online surveys/polls from this class. Spreadsheets make your life as a teacher so much more easier. All you have to do is type in the particular data and tell the computer what to do. I could use this for test results, quizzes, projects, homework assignments, etc. Surveys/polls online are fun and easy to create which gives students a sense of privacy when answering. Teachers can easily access the online results and guide their activity or teaching from that data they collected. As I have stated previously in Thing 17, I will use these online surveys multiple times throughout the year. These will be very important to me that will essentially guide my teaching!

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