Thing 20 – Creating a Virtual Classroom

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1.  I have created a “show me” video. In definition, this means that I have created a video that allows my students to see step by step directions online. These educational videos can be adapted to any lesson and any digital resource. I have used Screencast-o-matic which is a free downloaded software that allows you to capture a video (up to 5 minutes for free) to create a lesson or an educational video.

2. My video that I created focused on using Tagxedo which turns words into stunning word clouds. I feel that this was an appropriate area of focus due to my class’ low spelling scores. I feel that this will encourage them to type their spelling words and have fun with it. They can easily save and print to have their spelling word cloud with them at all times to study their words.

I have embedded my video into my Face of the Classroom site.

3.  I have also embedded a link below to my captured video. I have shown my screencast to a peer to get some feedback. The feedback I received was all positive. She stated that it was easy to follow, it went slow enough to understand what is going on, and she liked how I pointed to everything on the tool bar as I identified its purpose.

4. Some strengths for my first screencast was that it was beneficial and a great resource. I believe students will be able to use this site for a variety of different reasons. Any subject can be adapted to use this site as well as research papers and projects. Some weaknesses that I found is that I

A way that I can improve my next recording for teaching and learning would be to sound more enthusiastic and excited. I also would show a sample recording to a peer or a student before I save and publish it. I would be looking for questions or concerns that they may have from the screencast so that I touch on that question during my recording. That way, if one student has a question, I am sure another one would have the same or similar concern.

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