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I took the Tech Quiz (21t4t tech test) and scored 50%! The questions consisted of different questions that should have been mastered in Basics. However, some of the areas I needed to brush up on where the basic file names when saving, the ISTE Standards for Teachers, Best Practice Strategies, and SAMR model, the computer shortcuts using the keyboard, and how I should be using more different types of technology than a Windows PC.

Something new I learned when reviewing these areas is how .com, .gov, and .us are all common domains. GoDaddy.com is a great website to check out and see what domain names are available online. It does not cost you anything to search domain names. This site is a great tool when beginning to create a business website. I also learned that I need to get more comfortable with different file name endings such as .png, .mp3,.mp4, .avi. I know now that .png is for images however .jpg works the best. I also learned that .mp3 and .mp4 are for multimedia projects that can be useful for students to know when creating these types of projects. Reading the ISTE Standards for Teachers, Best Practice Strategies, and the SAMR Model can be overwhelming. However, when I looked back and focused my attention on one of these at a time I found that I understood more the second time around. I enjoyed going to the ISTE website and finding out that there is a Standards for Teachers pdf and a Standards for Students pdf. I read through both the standards and found that they are self-explanatory. It is not confusing or misleading. I am definitely printing both of these files to use as a guide for my lesson plans. The SAMR Model shows different strategies in moving away from traditional paper pencil assignments and into computer technology. Google Docs is a great tool to start the transition. Watching the SAMR Model in 120 seconds made things clearer for me (http://youtu.be/us0w823KY0g). Finally, I learned the different keyboard tricks. The most interesting ones were typing three lines such as —, ===, or ~~~ and pressing enter which gives you a perfect line across the page. Changing words into all caps or switching the words back to lower case letters was also a neat trick I did not know about. Format tricks are also useful to know because it speeds to process of things. Selecting the text and easily pressing Ctrl B, I, or U will give you all the formats you might need.

Learning these basics could not have come at a better time. In my technology class, I modeled taking a screenshot to my students and how to use the keyboard to paste (ctrl v). Students thought this was amazing and liked how easy it was. They took a screenshot of their work, pasted in Microsoft Word and saved. Saving using ctrl s, was another trick I showed students. Some students needed more guidance than others but I will continue to use these tricks throughout this year so students become familiar and comfortable with using these great shortcuts.

Learning through the process of quiz-quiz results-tutorials-practice skills really works. It helped me learn by noticing in the quiz what I was lacking in learning and then going back and rereading. Since I would consider myself a visual learner, the videos and tutorials online helped me visualize what the text was saying and furthered explained in details what was being taught. Finally, putting these skills into practice was the final step. This process made me realized what I really learned and how I am going to apply it in the future. Noticing how these methods together work in teaching, makes me think that perhaps students can learn this way as well. Developing lesson plans that consists of this quiz-quiz results-tutorials-practice skills process I believe will help students be in charge of their learning and be beneficial.



The 21st Century course, which is provided at the MISD, will provide me with the tools in using technology in classroom instruction. I will be applying this knowledge at Mt. Clemens Montessori Academy to my second-fifth grade students in computer lab, my co-teaching in fifth grade covering all subjects, and with my fellow staff members.

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Here on the left are two webpages which have been brought together and captured in a screenshot to show how I am applying the technology material, provided by the 21st century course.

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