Monday 10/21/2013


  • If you finish Everfi by this Friday at 11:59pm, your 3rd project for Q1 will be excused.
  • If you are interested in edX please register within the next couple days. You can go back and complete Week 1 (last week’s assignment) and then do Week 2 this week.
  • So that I can keep track of how you are doing in edX and give you credit…please go to the edX link at the top of my website and fill in the embedded Google Form. I need the title of one of your posts on the discussion board so I can track your progress. You only have to do this one time over the entire 6 weeks. Do it this week! Remember edX is not a requirement, but does count for 1 Q1 project for attempting the class and completing the required activities during the first 3 weeks and will replace 2 Q2 projects if you complete the course and get certified. If you do not get certified, I may still award you credit for 1 or 2 projects depending on your quality of work.