Monday 11/4/2013

  • Sign up for remind101 if you haven’t already.
    • Enter: (720) 466-7772
    • Text this message: @mrdang
  • Sign up for Newsela. Click here for instructions.
  • If you have not done so already, form a team for the Statewide Stock Market Game and come get a username and password from me.
  • Research a stock & make a trade in the State Stock Market Game.
  • Complete the Market Monday assignment sheet. This assignment will be collected Friday.
  • Here is our general weekly structure for Q2:

    • Monday: Market Mondays in media center (Stock market and/or personal finance assignments)
    • Tuesday: Lecture Day (Each week will have a different focus topic. This week we will focus on trade.)
    • Wednesday: Practice Day (A day to work with the material presented during lecture on Tuesday)
    • Thursday: In media center. Misc. assignment or mini project (Could be Newsela, St. Louis Federal Reserve Learning module, etc. Likely will be an online component or supplement related to the topic of the week.)
    • Friday: In classroom. Misc. assignment or mini project (Could be Newsela, St. Louis Federal Reserve Learning module, etc. Likely will be an online component or supplement related to the topic of the week.) There will be a test either weekly or bi-weekly depending on the material being covered.
  • For those doing Edx
    • Weeks 4-6 will be able to count as extra credit or replace Thursday/Friday work. You could do Edx in addition to Thursday/Friday work for extra credit or you could do Edx during that time to replace Thursday/Friday work for the next 3 weeks, plus still receive some extra credit.

Monday 10/28/2013

The following items need to completed for Q1

Everfi (4-6 hours)

St. Louis Federal Reserve Learning Modules

       Economic Lowdown Episode 1: Supply (3:57)

       Economic Lowdown Episode 2: Demand (6:53)

       Economic Lowdown Episode 3: Equilibrium (5:21)

       Economic Lowdown Episode 4: The Labor Market (5:23)

       Economic Lowdown Episode 5: Externalities (5:59)

No Frills Money Skills Episode 1- Growing Money (7:21)

       Opportunity Cost (15 minutes)

       Fiscal Policy (1.5 hours)

Project 1 (8 hours)

Project 2 or edX (2 hrs. per week)

Click on the link on my website to register. You must comment on the discussion board for each subsection, every week.

Stock Market Game (Our class competition on You must be in our game and have made a trade)

3 Tests (On Blackboard)(Last test will be assigned this week.)

Tuesday 10/22/2013

Completed our exploration of economic systems that develop around the economic goals we reviewed last week. We began at “slide” 20 and went through to the finish, although not all hours watched all video clips…some are there for additional examples.

Monday 10/21/2013


  • If you finish Everfi by this Friday at 11:59pm, your 3rd project for Q1 will be excused.
  • If you are interested in edX please register within the next couple days. You can go back and complete Week 1 (last week’s assignment) and then do Week 2 this week.
  • So that I can keep track of how you are doing in edX and give you credit…please go to the edX link at the top of my website and fill in the embedded Google Form. I need the title of one of your posts on the discussion board so I can track your progress. You only have to do this one time over the entire 6 weeks. Do it this week! Remember edX is not a requirement, but does count for 1 Q1 project for attempting the class and completing the required activities during the first 3 weeks and will replace 2 Q2 projects if you complete the course and get certified. If you do not get certified, I may still award you credit for 1 or 2 projects depending on your quality of work.

Monday 10/14/2013

  • The Behavioural Economics in Action class on Edx begins today! Be sure to login and check things out. The 5-10 minute video seems to be an embedded YouTube video that is being blocked by the UCS network, but everything else appears to work smoothly here.
  • I have your logins and passwords for the Michigan stock market competition. See the paper you signed up on in class for your group username and password.

Principles of Economics Part 2 Quiz

Go to to take your quiz.

Login: ucs plus your Power School login (example: ucs999hth)
Password: Last four digits of your home phone number as it appears in Power School.

In the lower right of the screen click on the link for our course. It should look something like this: (13-14) S1(1) ECONOMICS

Next, go to the Content link on the left and select Content. You should now see the quiz, click on it to begin.

Wednesday 10/2/2013

Wednesday/Thursday we completed part 2 of Principles of Economics from Needs v. Wants to the last item, Production Possibilities Frontiers. The presentation is available & embedded for reviewing purposes below.