Principles of Economics Part 1 Quiz

Go to to take your Principles of Economics Part 1 quiz.

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In the lower right of the screen click on the link for our course. It should look something like this: (13-14) S1(1) ECONOMICS

Next, go to the Content link on the left and select Content. You should now see the quiz, click on it to begin.

Wednesday 9/25/2013

We continued with the Principles of Economics during lecture time today. We reviewed last weeks topics and then explored incentives, future consequences count, specialization and trade. We will begin looking at needs/wants, factors of production, and more next week.

Friday 9/13/2013

Here is the video clip I played while students worked in class today. Topic: Student loans. Don’t think he meant education doesn’t matter at all…obviously you need a degree to become a doctor…but I think he was saying a degree doesn’t equal a job and you can still be very successful without one. He stresses interpersonal skills.

Wednesday 9/11/2013 Week 1

Here is the presentation from class today. Its purpose was to show you the process you should be going through as you investigate for your personal learning projects. Click on the “What is a catch?” heading to view in Learnist.

Friday 9/6/2013

  • My website
  • Personal Learning Project Grading Rubric
  • Weighted Grading System
  • Register for:
    • Everfi
    • Stock Market Game
    • Pass out St. Louis Federal Reserve Online Learning Module Login
  • Complete survey embedded below.
  • Explore sites to present your learning for use with your projects.

Friday 6/7/2013

  • Here is an example of why I love teaching this class. What we are learning about always seems to be headline news!


  • Passed out Economics Final Exam practice questions as prepared by my colleague, Mr. Donahue.
    • Thought this may help…can’t hurt…since his economics students are taking the same final exam as you!
    • You do not need to do this, it is optional.
    • We will review for the final exam in class on Monday.
      • Review will consist of me answering questions you have. I will not have a presentation prepared.
  • Passed out You are the Fed Activity (The internet filter started blocking this site halfway through the day….this assignment is extra credit for hours 3-6)
    • This is an assignment and can be turned in before you leave today.
    • If you need more time you can take it home and finish over the weekend. Be sure to turn it in on Monday.
  • Chapter 14 quiz
    • 20 questions. You may use the following materials to help you on the quiz:
      • Ben Bernanke interview
      • FOMC press release/press conference
      • Federal Reserve: In Plain English
      • Problem set 8.1 & 8.2
      • Fiscal & Monetary policy summary sheet