Students should be finishing their “photostory” book.    Some class time will be given for students to complete their script and drawing for the report.  Scripts and drawings are due Friday.

Vocabulary #15 is due today for all except First Core.  For tomorrow, as we approach the end of The Outsiders, the assignment is a quickwrite on Heroism.  These questions should be discussed and explained:   What is a hero?,who are the heroes in the book and in real life?,  and what is an “unsung hero”?

We are continuing to read The Outsiders.  Students have been assigned study and focus questions, as well as vocabulary work to go with this book. 

On Tuesday, May 1, there will be a quiz over chapters 1-6 in the book.

In addition, students have checked out books for the Photostory Book Report.  They should be well into reading their book. 

Here are some important dates for the Photostory Book Report:

May 15 – Finish reading book.  They should be reading their book at home every night for about fifteen minutes. 

May 20 –  Script, summary and drawing need to be  completed.

May 21-23 We will be in the computer lab, completing the Photostory Book Report.  l

Tomorrow, Friday, students will be going to the computer lab to take  the DORA Reading Post-test.  

On Monday, we will be going to the library to check out books in preparation for the “photostory” book report.   All students should settle any outsanding library fines so that they are able to check out their selected book.

The Venn Diagram is due on Tuesday.

This week, we will continue our reading of The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton.    Character sheets, vocabulary and study questions should be in the student novel folder.  On Friday, we will be going to the computer lab to take the DORA reading post-test.  All students should bring their password/login information to class on Friday.