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Week of 12/4 – THE ODYSSEY Book 9

Choose ONE of the following options to answer as thoroughly as possible BEFORE 3 p.m. Sunday in order to earn credit.  Include your first name, last initial, and the hour you have English.  Remember: At least four sentences are required.

Option 1
Discuss at least TWO qualities of Odysseus’ character as revealed by his behavior in the land of the Cyclopes.  These qualities could be both positive, both negative, or a combination.  Use specific examples from the text to support your answer.

Option 2
From the characterization of Polyphemus, what qualities do you think ancient Greeks considered barbaric, monstrous, or civilized.   You must discuss at least TWO qualities.  Use specific examples from the text to support your answer.

Option 3
Based on book 9, is Odysseus an epic hero?  To answer this question, you must pull out your note cards and refer to the official 4-part definition I gave you in class.  Choose TWO parts of the definition and discuss specific examples from the book to support your answer.  (And no, you may not prove that Odysseus is a man.)

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  1. nick k 4

    two of odysseus quatlies show when he was in the laayer of clyclopes. one of his quatlis are brave because he stands up to clyclopes. also he is trustworthery because his men stand behind him. those are odysseus two qualites.

  2. alexis a. 7th hr

    Option 1- Odysseus’ behavior is differnet in the cyclops world. He acts more like a leader and a hero, he does this by getting all of his men to escape Polyphemus’ cave and escaping the cyclops world. Odysseus did all of the dirty work by stabbing his eye out and smack talking Polyphemus.

  3. Quise R (SWAGG) 4th

    Two qualities of Odysseus as revealed by his behavior in the land of the cyclopes is when Odysseus tells Polytphemus that his name is Nobhdy. This is a good qualification because Odyessues stops the other cyclopes from going after him by tricking Polyphemus. Another qualification is when Odysseus tell Polyphemus if he harm them in anyway he would be cursed by Zeus. This is a bad qualification because this made Polyphemus madder.

  4. Hannah Watkins 4th hour

    Option1- Two qaulities Odyesseus has in his personality are bravery and curiosity. The bravery in Odyesseus is from when he stabbed the cyclops Polyhemus in the eye. An act of curiosty that Odyesseus demonstrats is when he remains in the cave to wait for the cyclops. Odyesses demonstates many charactistics, but bravery and curiosty both suit him the best.

  5. Alexis A. 4th hour

    Option 1: Two qualities of Odysseus is he was one; wily and two; epic hero. Odysseus was wily because he was crafty and smart about putting the rod through Polyphemus’ eye to injure him. He was an epic hero because he got him and his men out of that situation and saved most of them.

  6. Kara P.

    I think Odysseus’ character was brave but also hubris. He was brave to travel to the land of the cyclopes. However, he was Hubris by blinding Polyphemus and braging to him. He said, “Cyclops, if ever mortal man inquire how you were put to shame and blinded, tell him Odysseus, raider of cities, took your eye: Laertes’ sons, whose home’s on Ithica. This represents his character.

    1. Tyler l 5th

      I agree with u Kara, Odysseus was brave but also very hubris by bragging to polyphemus about his eye. And in the end Odysseus did pay the price of being hubris.

  7. TaylorW.(7th)

    OPTION 1:Odysseus shows his men leadership by going the the Cyclopes cave. He is not the smartest person by stealing from a stranger. This eventually leads to atleast 6 of his men getting eaten. Odysseus has good leadership skills but he lacks in being a genious at moments. Sometimes he can be very wily but other times he need to sit and think more about his decisions.

  8. Courtney

    Odysseus was shown to be very intelligent (wily) and self-centered (hubris). For example, he was very intelligent when he thought of how to get out of Polyphemus’s cave. Most people would not have thought about hurting him and making him freak out to open the door. Also, he is self-centered because when him and his men were leaving the land, he had gloated his name to Polyphemus after been lying to him, and was happy to brag that he blinded the big Cyclopes. Those are two qualities Odysseus has in Book 9 of The Odyssey.

  9. Kaileen B. 5th hour

    Odysseus’ character is both brave and hubris. When Odysseus and his men go to the cyclop’s cave, Odysseus is brave when he stabs Polyphemus in the eye. Odysseus could have easily given up, and let the cyclops do what he wanted, but he saved his men. Also, Odysseus is hubris because after he stabs Polyphemus in the eye, and he’s away from the islan, he calls out who he is, and where heMs from.

  10. Ryan Z

    Two qualities from the book that show Polyphemus as barbaric, monstrous or civilized would be when he eats some of Odysseus’ men that would show that Polyphemus is barbaric and monstrous. Civilized I guess would be milking the goats for the cheese and herding them and what not, I guess the Greek’s could view that as civilized.

  11. Christina S 7th hour

    The two parts of the definition which I believe proved Odysseus was an epic hero were REFLECTS IDEAS OF HIS NATION OR RACE:

    “I slew him by the seaside and burnt his long thigh bones to Zeuse beyond the stormcloud, Cronus’ son, who rules the world” (9:468-471). Odysseus valued and respected the gods. He showed this by offering his sheep as food to Zeuse (one of the gods).

    the other was REQUIRING COURAGE:

    “We…took some cheese to eat” (9:134). It was courageous of Odysseus to take the cheese in the first place. It was even more courageous to TELL Polyphemus he took cheese from him.

  12. Justen Mosley 7th hr.

    The qualities of Odysseus is that he’s cocky and he thinks he should get gifts. He was being cocky to the giant and he deverses girfts becuase he is a god.

  13. Justen Mosley 7th hr.

    The qualities of Odysseus is that he’s cocky and he thinks he should get gifts. He was being cocky to the giant about being beaten by a human. Then he was saying you must be willing bad. Also he should get gifts because he enters your home.

  14. Evan K 5th hour

    During Odysseus time in the land of the Cyclopes it was revealed to me that he was very courageous and also hubris. An example of Odysseus being courageous is when Polyphemus smashed Odysseus men then ate them, Odysseus remained calm, kept his composure, and courageously stood up to Polyphemus. An example of Odysseus hubris, is when they were leaving Polyphemus’ island. Odysseus yelled something like “How do you like the beating we gave you, you damned cannibal?” Odysseus pretty much said we kicked your butt, and we can do it again.

  15. Ashley J. 4th

    In the Book 9, Odysseus met Polyphemus, a Cyclopes whose giant, one eyed, hairy man. Odysseus met the Cyclopes and he asked him his name. As Odysseus answered by “Nobody”, nobody was his name. Also, Odysseus and his men got stuck in the cave and the only way they could escape was stabing the Cyclopes in the eye. After they escaped, Odysseus was acting a little hubris by saying “You like the beating i gave you…”. Then the Cyclopes through a mountain top at them. Both in Book 9, Odysseus was wily and hubris.

  16. Ashley J. 4th

    In Book 9, Odyssues was wily and hubris. When the Cyclopes met Odysseus he asked him his name. As Odysseus replyed he said my name is Nobody. When Odysseus stabed the Cyclopes in the eye and him and his men escape he yelled on the way out “You like the beating i gave you…”. Odysseus was wily by lieing about his name and hubris by celerbrating his victory to much, and it could lead to death.

  17. Sam F 4th hour

    Option 1
    Odysseuses character is a very wiy. He tricked the cyclops into thinking his name was nohbody in order for him an his men to escape. Odysseus is also very dumb. When him an his men docked on the island they entered the cave of Polyphemus an instead of leaveing. Odysseus can be brave but he can also be stupid.

  18. Mitchell P 5th

    When Odyesseus is trapped inside of Polythemuses cave he displays many traits of being a strong and inteligent leader. He could have eaisily slayed Polymethus after he mamed two of his friends, but instead of letting his emotions get to him, he stops and thinks logicly. Because he does not kill they cyclops, many of his mens lives are spared. He also proves his inteligence by deciding to stab Polythemus in the eye in order to excape. Because the cyclops was blinded, his men and himself could excape safe and sound.

  19. Taylor T. 7th

    Two qualities of Odysseus that are revealed in Book 9 of the Odyssey are hubris and selfish. Odysseus was selfish because he risked his crew’s lifes just so he could see the cyclops. He showed that he was hubris when Polyphemus first finds Odysseus in his cave eating his food and insists its ok because he is a guest. Also, he is hubris when he stabs Polyphemus in the eye and then brags about it.

  20. Jordaii K 7th hr.

    Two qualities Odysseus has is epic hero and a little hubris. He was like an epic hero because it took courage to stab the cyclops in the eye. He was hubris because after he won he kept talking stuff to the cyclops.

  21. Miranda Rysiewicz

    Odysseus is an epic hero because he reflects the ideas of his nation/race. he just walks into polyphemus’ cave and starts eating because in Ancient Greece that is what is expected when you have guests. another reason is he takes part in long dangerous journeys that require courage, like him sailing to the islands on his way back from the trojan war.

  22. Jenna K 4th Hour

    Based on book 9, Odysseus is indeed an epic hero. One part of the definition for epic hero states that he takes part in long dangerous journeys. The book says that Odysseus was “sailing…from Troy” (9:27). Troy is where he had fought in the Trojan War for 10 years. Another part of the definition for epic hero says that he reflects ideas of his nation or race. In the Odyssey, Odysseus says “the gods have tried me in a thousand ways” (9:3). This proves that he does beileve in the gods and that they are apart of his nation.

  23. Ryan M

    Two qualities of Odysseus at the land of cyclopes were two bad behaviors. One was when he was in the cave and the cyclopes locked him in, and killed one of his men. Another reason was when the cyclopes was sleeping he sharpend a big log. He used that log to stab the cyclopes in the eye while he was sleeping. The cyclopes couldnt see, so he opened the door for all of the men.

  24. Miranda O 4th hour

    Two qualities of Odysseus’ character are bravery and leadership. Odysseus was brave because he defeated the Cyclopes. The Cyclopes was way bigger than Odysseus and he still found a way to defeat the Cyclopes. Odysseus was also a great leader. His men wanted to leave, but Odysseus showed leadership by staying in the cave and finding a way to get passed the Cyclopes to get to their ship.

  25. tyler p

    In Book 9, Odysseus arrives at the land of the Cyclopes. Odysseus displays several characteristics when he becomes trapped in Polyphemus’ home. One quality Odysseus demonstrates is determination. He is willing to do whatever it takes to escape. He even goes as far as to stab Polyphemus in the eye to blind him. When Polyphemus opened the door to call for help I was able to see how clever Odysseus was. He and his men got under the sheep so they could pass by Polyphemus without being caught. Polyphemus was not able to see so when he bent down to grab the men he only felt the sheep and would let them go.

  26. Anna V. 7th

    I believe that Odysseus is an epic hero, because he is on a long, hard journey. Odysseus has been on his journey for a long time, and has not been able to see his son grow up. Another reason why Odysseus is an epic hero is because he is a larger than life figure. Odysseus proves that he is a larger than life figure by wanting to stay and wait to see the Cyclops, he shows that he is brave.

  27. Brian C. 7

    Option 1:

    Odysseus has both positive and negative qualities, those can either be a good thing, or they could be a burden. Odysseus is cocky, or hubris. After he escaped Polyphemus by stabbing his eye, he told Polyphemus to “Tell them Odysseus took your eye”. He is also wily. When Polyphemus asks him what his name is, he tell him “Nobody”. After Polyphemus is stabbed in the eye, he yells “Nobody! Nobody has blinded be!”.

  28. Michael C. 7th hour

    Option 1- || 2 of Odysseus’ characteristics || In book 9 of the Odyssey, Odysseus has a lot of characteristics. One of those characteristic is that he is very curious, which as you read in the book led him to trouble. He wanted to know what kind of person/Cyclop lived on the island so he takes his men there. He was so curious that he got his men and himself locked up in a cave with a man eating Cyclop.Another characteristic would be clever. Even though he got his men stuck in the cave, he managed to make a plan in which his men could escape. He told the men they would stab Polyphemus’ eye, made the cyclop think his name was “Nobody” so when the cyclop yelled his friends would think nothing had happened, and last but not least, they tied themselves on the sheeps in the cave to make their great escape.

  29. Katelyn E.

    Two qualities that Odysseus had was bravery and hubris. Odysseus was brave for staying in the cave just to see what the Cyclopes lookeed like when he knew he could have been killed. Also he was hubris for when he had got away Odysseus bragged to Polyphemus that he had won and got away. Odysseus should have known better and he wouldnt have had the curse put on him.

  30. Matt R 5

    i think odysseus is wily. he is wily because he tricks polyphemus by saying his name is nohbody. he is also hubris. he is hubris because he wants all of the cyclopes to know that he stabbed polyphemus in the eye.

    1. Mrs. Jones (Post author)

      Please clarify –

      Since Odysseus told Polyphemus his name was Nohbody and that’s what Polyphemus told his brothers, how did Odysseus want ALL the cyclopes to know that he stabbed Polyphemus?

  31. crystal bowlin 5th hour

    One quality of Odysseus is that he is very hubris to Polyphemus. He showed that when Odysseus poked his big eye out and blinded him. This is why he was cursed by Polyphemus. The second quality of Odysseus is that is very wily when it came to Polyhemus. He tricked Polyhemus by telling him a fake name to fool Polyphemus’s brothers so they wouldn’t help Polyphemus.

  32. Tyler l. 5th

    Their are 2 characteristics to describe Odysseus. 1 Odysseus is very wily. 1 example of this would be when he and his men get trapped in Polyphemus’s cave, Odysseus comes up with a plan to knock out Polyphemus and escape. Another characteristic of Odysseus is he is hubris. One example of this is when Odysseus antagonizes Polyphemus and after Odysseus stabs Polyphemus’s eye and Odysseus feels the need to brag to Polyphemus.

  33. danielle s 4

    Two qualities of Odysseus that show or are revealed while he is on the island of the cyclopes is that he is wily and hubris. he is wily because when Polyphemus asked him what his name was he said it was “Nohbody.” so when people asked polyphemus what happend or why he was screaming he just shouted “Nohbody has blinded me! Nohbody has stabbed me in the eye!” so everyone thought nothing happened. he is hubris because when they were about to sail away on the ship he started shouting things, saying his real name and that he was the king of Ithica. this was being stupidly over confident because after he said those things Polyphemus made a curse on him. but if he wouldnt of known his real name he couldnt of done that.

  34. Nicole W 5th

    Two qualities that Odysseus reveal are that he is brave and hubris. I believe he is brave because he intruded into the cyclops’s cave without any fear and he was cool and calm the whole entire time. I believe he is hubris because when Odysseus was sailing away from the island he basically gave away lots of info about himself like where he lived and his full name. He was so full of himself because he got away from the Cyclops.

  35. Nicole W. 5th

    Option One: Two qualities of Odysseus that show and reveal his character are that he is hubris and brave. Evidence that shows he is brave is that he intruded into the cyclops’s cave and when Polyphemus found them in his home Odysseus showed no fear and was cool and calm the entire time. Evidence that shows that he is hubris because he basically tells Polyphemus everything there is to know about him and calls him stupid basically because of how he defeated someone so much stronger than him.

  36. Jenna H 5th

    Option 1: Two qualities of Odysseus behavior when he goes to the land of the cyclopes, he is hubris and wily. He is hubris because after he poked polyphemus’ eye out and was on his ship leaving told he told polyphemus all his information which was being cocky. Odysseus was wily because he told polyphemus that his name was “Nohbody” which was clever because when he poked his eye out he screamed and the neighbors asked whats wrong and he said “nohbody, nohbody has blinded me”

  37. Kaitlyn W.5th

    I feel Odysseus is willy and hubris. Odysseus is willy because he tricks Polyphemus by saying his name is Nohbody. Odysseus is also hubris because once he and his men leave he makes it clear to Polyphemus that he is Odysseus and he is the king of Ithica and that he is the one that took his eye. Then Polyphemus puts a curse on Odysseus, his men, and family.

  38. Troy Gish

    option 1
    Odyseseus is willy because of the trick he played on Polephemus making his name known as nobody. He is also hubris because he nearly got him and all his men killed when he bragged to Polyphemus about how he defeated him.

  39. Sammi V 5th hour

    In Book 9 of The Odyssey Odysseus shows he is hubris and brave. He is brave for going into the cave and standing up to Polyphemus. He shows he is hubris by almost getting into more trouble when he was on his boat and kept making fun of Polyphemus and braging about how he beat him.

  40. Brandon B. 5th Hour

    Option 1 : Two characteristics that describe Odysseus while he is on the island of the Cyclopes are that he is heroic and hubris. Odysseus shows he is heroic when he comes up with the plan to stab Polythemus in the eye. I believe this is heroic because of the size difference between Polythemus and Odysseus. The other characteristic that describes Odysseus is that he is hubris. I believe he is hubris because when they escaped from the island, Odysseus screamed at Polythemus his actual name and where he lived. I believe that by mocking Polythemus he is being hubris

  41. Micah K 7th hour

    Two qualities that Odysseus has is, one, being an epic hero (larger-than-life to his crew, brave, etc.) and another being hubris. He was an epic hero in Polyphemus’ cave because he was able to get all his living men out (or very close) and his men still thought highly of him. He was hubris also, because when he got away from Polyphemus and they were out on the water he started shouting things back to him.

  42. Jessica J 7th

    I believe that Odysseus has the two qualities of wily and hubris. He is wily, because he mapped out the plan to stab Polyphemus in his eye with a tree that they cut down and carved. I also think that he has the quality of hubris, because although he did beat Polyphemus in the end. He was too overconfident and he knew that there was a chance that Polyphemus was going to kill him, Odysseus still went through with the plan to blind him.

  43. Luke H. 5th hr

    When Odysseus was in the land of the cyclopes, he was very hubris and wily. He was VERY hubris when he was acting all big after he stabbed the cyclops in the eye with the steak. Odysseus was wily when he used the cyclopes sheep to sneek out of the cyclops house. Odysseus demenstrsted many different qualities.

  44. Sadie H. 7th

    From Polyphemus’ characterization, ancient Greeks likely thought lowly of those who disrespected the gods. Polyphemus, when warned by Odysseus of the risks he was taking by not showing hospitality towards strangers, said how he didn’t care for their gods and that they didn’t affect him. Another trait that was considered barbaric by the ancient Greeks would be devouring people. Polyphemus, as told in the book, took a total of six of Odysseus’ men and ate them. Alive. Polyphemus is a perfect example to show some of the qualities that were frowned upon by the ancient Greek people.

  45. Luke H. 5th hour

    Odysseus was quite the character in book 9. He used many tactics and different ways to escape from the home of the cyclopes. When he sharpend the steak and stabbed him in the eye, he was very hubris because he was acting very tough and brave enough to do that. Secondly, Odysseus was very wily when he used the sheep that belonged to the cyclopes to escape from his house. This was a very clever trick. Those are the two qualities that I believe Odysseus demonstrated most.

  46. Jordaii K 7th hr.

    Odysseus is an epic hero because he did many thing to escape th Cyclope. first he gave him wine to make him go to sleep. Then they stuck him in the eye with a pole, to blind him.

  47. Cara S 4

    Based on Odyseuss’ behavior with the Cyclopes he showed that he is wily and hubris. Odyseuss portrayed the trait of being wily because he tricked Polyphemus into thinking his name was Nohbody. Odyseuss then acted hubris by shouting that his name was actually Odyseuss. This was hubris because Odyseuss thought that since he blinded the Cyclopes that nothing could go wrong because he can’t see. But Odyseuss’ actions caused him to get cursed which could have been possibly fatal.

  48. Anna V. 7th

    Option One:
    Two qualities that Odysseus reveals about himself is one, that he is very brave. Odysseus wanted to stay and see who or what live in the huge cave. Another quality that he has is that he is very confident with himself. He always thought that he knew best.


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