Updated Sept 25- Oct 2 Plans– Homework of Monday night, Oct 2 to be done for Oct. 4

Sept 22- Oct 2 Updated Lessons -s5srgi

1. Homework for Monday, October 2
2. Review in depth—the Navigation and Trade Acts and the idea of Mercantilism—know t
3. READ and T4 or take notes on Chapter 3—see above.
4. Probably have a quiz on this next time? Will have a quiz on how important access to a market is and the idea of ‘controlled trade’ and tariffs many times during the year.

Monday, October 2—more to come—but a start Content from Chapter 3:

1. “The Great Awakening”
2. The Enlightenment
3. “Liberalism,” Adam Smith— ‘Free Trade,’ Market Economy based on supply & demand, surplus of labor, & goods. Examples of horizontal and vertical integration monopolies.
4. View together Crash Course “Seven Year’s War” by John Green– discuss
5. “Virtuous republicanism,” ‘disinterested statesmen’ dispassionate, unenergetic, as character traits of the ‘early statesmen’ (or so they wished)
George Washington as an example
Concepts of ownership of property = citizenship—enfranchisement—discuss why
Ask students to respond to statement:
6. Discuss how the above ‘ideas’ fit together and cause conflict or change during this time period (1754-1774)

{ToK Connection} “Expanded democratic participation pretty much ensured the idea and practice of ‘the disinterested statesmen’ to be put aside and be replaced with a much more self-interested statesman, politician.” Discuss

HOMEWORK: For class Wednesday, October 4
a. Please read and take notes on Chapter 4 AMSCO, “Imperial Wars and Colonial Protests, 175-1774,” (pages 69- 78 in AMSCO 2015)
b. Please read the primary source quote from John Adams in the beginning of Chapter 4 closely.
1. Ask yourself, “When? Where? Why? To whom is this speaker trying to speak to? And So what, why do we care?”

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