Juniors Homework and plans through Oct 5


Instructor reserves the right to change lesson plans for no apparent reason; she also RESERVES the RIGHT to POP QUIZ her darlings, for no apparent reason.

IB History of the Americas Lesson Plans, October -October-6
Monday, October 2—IB Class & 3B Classes—you’re a bit behind. Discuss X, take quiz and begin thinking about projects.
Before Lunch 2A
Tuesday, Oct 3, 2A & 3A
Wednesday, Oct 4, 1B & 3B
• Discuss for a few minutes Chapter 10
• 2A Little Quiz—page 76, “You have seen how a man was made a slave; you shall see how a slave was made a man.”

• Distribute Douglass Project rubric. Have students brainstorm and work together to come up with a proposal for a project—alone or in groups. More to come
• Discuss homework: Please finish the book asap. The book’s ending should be reflected in your project in some form. Discuss time line in order to have projects finished.
• Thursday you will be assigned more of “The New Jim Crow.” Please read from “The Death of Slavery” 26, to “The Death of Birth of Jim Crow,” 30. This is not that much.
Instructor reserves the right to change lesson plans for no apparent reason; she also RESERVES the RIGHT to POP QUIZ her darlings, for no apparent reason.

Part II: After Lunch 2A, after break 3A
1. What do you think you know about Reconstruction?
a. Discuss as a table—share on board.
b. Teacher led discussion to clear up misconceptions and focus on how life was for newly freed men and women after the 13th Amendment.
c. Show some visuals of ‘vigilante justice’ done to newly freed men and women during the time.
2. View John Green’s Crash Course US History “Episode #22, “Reconstruction” Will do it Thursday if we run out of time.

3. Discuss the idea of “Lynching” and why “Anti-Lynching” Federal bill was not passed.

4. Discuss Black Codes (from students’ previous knowledge)

5. Demonstrate how Black Codes, such as vagrancy laws, led to the Convict Leasing system—ask kids if they know about ‘prison privatizations’ and what they have heard and know? No debate yet—just seeing what they know.
6. Introduce Ida B. Wells, investigative journalist. Remind students of the difference between “Muckrakers” and “Yellow Journalism.” Wells would be a ‘Muckraker’ because of her investigative style and substance.
7. Show students a picture of her.
8. Assign her piece, “18-8 Ida. B. Wells-Barnett, A Red Record (1895) for students to read for discussion Wednesday. This piece is only one page and a half long.
HOMEWORK: Finish Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow for Monday.

1. (First Block view John Green video above)
2. Discuss, possibly jig-saw style, the Wells’ essay
3. Introduce the “Evolution of Political Parties” graph to students–
4. For Homework: Have students read and make notes from American Pageant, Part Four: Forging an Industrial Society: 1865-1909 (or 1899), depending on the edition. No big differences.
5. We may have time in class for you to begin—depending . . .
Later this week . . Discuss reading.
3. Introduce W.E.B DuBois, Booker T. Washington & Marcus Garvey—see what kids already know.
4. Distribute IB Paper #3 Question and Markscheme that discusses this topic—assign kids to read and know it!
5. Assign students to read American Pageant, Chapter 24, “Industry Comes of Age, 1865- 1900,” for Tuesday’s class. They are to read ONLY half of the chapter for Tuesday. They should stop reading/taking notes on page 550 at the heading, “In Unions There Is Strength.” Online text may have different pagination. Homework of Tuesday will be finish Chapter 24.


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