Marbury v Madison Assignment


Please read the attached article.  Please answer 10 of the questions on the attached reading guide. 

~$rbury v Madison Article Questions

Marbury v. Madison:  Bicentennial of a Landmark Decision

Reading Guide 

  1. What did the Judiciary Act of 1801 do?
  2. What were some of the positive results of the Judiciary Act?
  3. What perception did most people have of the Judiciary Act?
  4. Why were Republicans infuriated by the appointment of the Midnight Judges?
  5. What roles did John Marshall have in Adams’ presidency?  What was his involvement with the Midnight Judges?
  6. What is a writ of mandamus?
  7. Who was William Marbury?
  8. What was the position the Supreme Court found itself in after issuing the writ of mandamus?
  9. What was the “genius” opinion the Supreme Court issued?
  10. What decision was made in Chisholm v. Georgia?
  11. What was Marshall careful to acknowledge in his Marbury opinion?
  12. What did the case of McCulloch v. Maryland affirm?
  13. For the duration of Marshall’s service on the Supreme Court, no other decisions were made regarding Congress.  In what types of decisions did the Supreme Court use judicial review?
  14. Summarize the case of Scott v. Sandford(Dred Scott Decision).
  15. How did the Dred Scott decision constrain Congress?
  16. What was Roosevelt’s “court-packing” scheme?  How was it avoided?
  17. What were the two primary paths that the Supreme Court followed in its use of judicial review?
  18. What has judicial review ensured for the Supreme Court justices?
  19. How and why is the Supreme Court’s supremacy acknowledged today?
  20. What has been the ongoing work of the Supreme Court ever since Marbury v. Madison?

Marbury vs Madison Article

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