Advanced Placement United States History– UAIS Freshman Class of 2021: 4B & (I am so lucky to have you!)

Greetings Freshmen:
We are so very privileged to have you in our grasps this year. Mr. Crossen and I have been charged with teaching you how to think and do United States history. Yeah, there is a few verbs in doing history. That’s the fun part. Forget learning all the dates and names– they don’t matter as much as the patterns, continuities, changes, and ways of thinking about history– Like, what is history? How do we know what we know? Is it sound? Does it change? That’s the fun part.

Mr. Crossen and I have been both working all summer long to figure out the best way to assist you in learning and practicing American history. Mr. Crossen is much younger than Ol’ Hall, and thus has a better website than me. Although I will be posting assignments and reading, you will be well-served to keep the following website on your favorites.

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