Columbus Day Lesson Plans

Happy Columbus Day!

1.Students will randomly pick a color as they enter the room.  Sit at that table ☺

2.Teacher will have appropriate technology, readings, and writing tools at each table.

3.Students will move from table to table about every 10- 20 minutes

Students will explore their conceptions of Columbus Day.  Students will read primary documents, view illustrations, read illustrated short stories, read poems, and read secondary sources regarding Columbus Day.  Students will visit the theme:

To what extent should people of the Americas Celebrate Columbus Day?  Why or why not?

•Part I: What do you know about Columbus and the encounter between the New and Old Worlds?  Brainstorm on paper

•Part II:  Read primary documents form Columbus

•Part III: View woodcuts from Vespucci—discuss

•Part IV:  Read documents from Las Casas

•Part V:  View parts of Apocalypto– discuss

•Part VI:  Read pro Columbus essay—discuss

•Part VII:  Read story, The Encounter, together—discuss

•Part VIII:  Bring all back—revisit original texts—add and discuss

Directions:  Please view the drawings on the link.  Please discuss the following concepts & questions with your group:

•Visualizing the New World (1505, 1509)

•Early in the sixteenth century, the explorer Amerigo Vespucci wrote a letter detailing his experience in the New World (a place that he gave his name—America).  The letter was translated and published throughout Europe, accompanied by illustrations that were often drawn by artist who themselves had never seen the newly discovered Western Hemisphere.

1.How did the artists whose work is reproduced here imagine the Indians?

2.What differences between the Indians and the Europeans did they think important?

3.Did the various artists portray a consistent view of the Native Americans?


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