Open Veins of Latin America

History of the Americas Lesson Plans
November 7- November 11
Monday, November 7
1. Review test Chapter 10 and the “Dinner”
A few things I noticed . . .
• Few wrote about Republicans, or Madison, or Virginian’s fear of consolidation of power in the hands of the Federalists or federal government over the issue of assumption.
• The river Potomac is in Washington. They were the same choice—not different.
• Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, authored by Madison and Jefferson, urged states to nullify federal laws they deemed unconstitutional. This brought up the whole secession/states’ rights issue that comes back to haunt them all in 1831 and then again in 1860.
Part II—Class discussion about Open Veins of Latin America
Homework: Read “The Farewell” in Founding Brothers to page 148IntroVeinsGuided Reading

Guided Reading & Discussion Questions
Open Veins of Latin America
“Chavez’s Gift: Open Veins of Latin America” Book Review

I. Book Review: “Chavez’s Gift: Open Veins of Latin America,” Time Magazine

1. What is significant about Hugo Chavez presenting a “left-leaning tome of exploitation?” What do we know about Chavez?

2. Make sure students discuss Paragraph 2, “Galeano, Uraguayan journalist, explains how Europe, and the United States, plundered America’s resources and helped create a perpetual state of widespread poverty and wealth disparity”

3. Highlight Reel: “On the effect colonialism is still having on native populations in Latin America.”

a. What is still?
b. How can we know that colonialism is still having a negative effect on Latin America?
Begin taking suggestions about what data one needs to know to create hypothesis
Make a list on the board

4. What about Galeano’s claim about railroads to nowhere?
5. The lowdown: “W
6. “It’s perhaps overly dense with fact after fact after fact—the author doesn’t zoom out often—but the book still makes a convincing argument that Latin America was a victim of European and American exploitation.” What school, genre, whatever, of historiography is the writer referring to?

7. What is the verdict?

II. Text: Open Veins of Latin America, Introduction
Page 1
1. What is Alliance for progress & who is Corey T. Oliver? Do we even care?
2. Why does he contrast “fair prices” with “free trade?”
3. Talk about paragraph 2. “Inquisitor-hang-man systems function not only for the external markets: they also provide gushers of profit from foreign loans and investments”?

Page 2
4. Woodrow Wilson quote—what?
5. Americans?
6. Paragraph 3, Last paragraph, page 2. Do you think Galeano, while speaking of winners and losers, is trying to determine larger universal concepts here or is he narrowing his focus on Latin America?

7. What do you know about the OAS? Organization of America States?

8. Can we find out if Nixon’s prediction is true? Average US citizen would earn 15 times more than Latin American citizens?

Page 3
9. What is “myths of opulence” getting at? (Paragraph 2)
10. South of the Rio Grande?
11. Who are “the pimps of misery?”
12. And what about that last paragraph on page 3? “. . . Our ruling classes have no interest whatsoever in determining whether patriotism might not be more profitable than treason, and whether begging is really the only formula for international policies.”

Page 4—5
13. “The system vomits people. North America missionaries sow pills, diaphragms, intrauterine devices, condoms, and marked calendars, but reap children.”
14. Richard Nixon and The Alliance for Progress? What is Nixon claiming . . .why?
15. Who was George Ball and what is he saying and why do we care?
16. Why is Galeano comparing Latin America with the victims, or events of the United States & Hiroshima?
17. Who is Robert McNamara and why should we care?

Page 6
1. How is Galeano engaging the reader with the population bomb question?
2. Why and how does Galeano connect the war in Viet Nam with the wars within the countries of Latin America?
3. What is Galeano’s tone towards birth control?

Page 7
1. Wow, what the heck does, “It would be strange if the remedy should come from the United States, the same states which brings us disease?”
What disease? What remedy?

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Latifunda latifundio
Hacienda guerrilleros
Nebulous Imperium
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