My Digital Footprint

Creative Commons photo from Flickr by Magnera

Creative Commons photo from Flickr by Magnera

Here are links to my websites, blogs and networks.


Family Fun Learning This Weebly website is a collection of websites for families. It is organized by grade level spans and content area. (Read this post from my other blog to learn how and why I created the site.)

My Protopage One of my first forays into my own educational website. I don’t add to it much since I started bookmarking, but I still like the resources I’ve gathered there.

My Wiki This PB Works wiki is still under development.

Parents as Partners in Early Literacy This wiki was created as a companion piece for a presentation at Michigan Reading Association conference in 2010. It tells about parent education events we hold in our district.

SchoolRack This is my SchoolRack page for Kelly Middle School. It is currently in very rough “under construction” condition.

Flickr Lots of people use this site to save & share photos.


E-flections of an Educator My personal blog, where I write about topics not necessarily related to my job, including my dissertation journey. My new diigo bookmarks post weekly here also.

Literacy, Learning & Sharing: Learning Out Loud! (This blog!) Dedicated to my work as a literacy coach in East Detroit; my new Delicious bookmarks post here daily (if I have tagged something that day).

Twitter Exercise Motivation Team I’m a contributing member of this group blog which was established after some people (mostly educators) on twitter decided to start motivating and encouraging each other to exercise and eat right.

Social Networks

Delicious While there is a lot of crossover between my Diigo and Delicious accounts, I try to keep the bookmarks in Delicious focused on education, especially topics I think are of interest to teachers in my schools. Update: I have switched over entirely to Diigo.)

Diigo I use Diigo to bookmark a variety of websites, mostly pertaining to education. Sites I tag in Diigo post in this blog daily (if I tagged anything that day).

The English Companion Ning This is a huge world-wide network of teachers started by Jim Burke, author of The English Teacher’s Companion. Within the Ning are special interest groups for coaches/PD providers, high school teachers, bloggers and more. Another rich resource where I want to spend more time.

Twitter I love Twitter for the connections I make with educators and other interesting people all around the world. The majority of the links in Diigo and Delicious were first shared with me by members of my PLN (personal/professional learning network).

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