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Let me know what you are thinking.  You can leave me messages and comments here.

41 Responses to “Leave Me a Message”

  1. STUDENT says:


  2. Gillian says:

    heeey cutiiieee;D!

  3. carolynn r. says:

    Hi! 🙂 I didn’t get to see you on the high ropes, did you like it?

  4. carolynn r. says:

    Hi Mrs. Martin, I’m excited to see you on Monday, because I have a surprise for you.

    The surprise involves a scrapbook. I think you’ll like it. <3 :]

  5. Kris Alafriz says:

    How come you erased your facebook Mrs. Martin?

  6. Brendan H.B 5 th hour says:

    Mrs.Martin you are my favorit techer and when I come to your class it is so fun.

  7. jonathan says:

    The Waste Chase Game is so easy I made it to level 18!!!!:)

  8. jordan demopolis says:

    and thanks for sayin i look smart in my glasses

  9. jordan demopolis says:

    hii mrs martinnn and buy the way 5th hr is the best

  10. Ashley P. says:

    Your a good teacher 🙂

  11. Brendan H.B 5 th hour says:

    Mrs.Martin class is the funnest calssein the school and i am a nerd and im the worse student in your class i did not right and it was this kid that sits next to me in tech ed and i left and he wrote on my wall .

  12. Kris A 4th Hour says:

    Hi Mrs. Martin,

    Im in tech ed, and its really boring. Anyways, my 2nd and 4th hour classes are my favorite classes 🙂

  13. Brendan H.B 5 th hour says:


  14. Brendan H.B 5 th hour says:

    I am the worse student ever

  15. Brendan H.B 5 th hour says:

    Mrs.Martin is my favorite teacher in the school but some time we get mad at eachother but it’s all cool in the hood i am sorry for the time i was bad in the class but i have my good and bad times in your class.

  16. Kris A 4th Hour says:

    Hi Mrs. Martin

    Its really boring in academic support. I wanted to say hi, and your my favorite teacher.

  17. jordan demopolis says:


    • Austin.h 4th hr says:

      hi mrs.martin wow its been a while sence someone has left a message so allow me to be the first in about a month………….. message:………….hi. o and i really liked flowers for algernon and p.s ur the best teacher i have ever had.

  18. jordan demopolis says:

    mrs martin i sorry for the thing that i did to u i did try to make u cry its just i never met a niccer teacher then u i sosososososososososososososososososososoososososo sorry for that i hope u forgive me and hi

  19. Conner S. 5th Hour says:

    Jordan, how many times are you gonna say hi to Mrs. Martin?

  20. jordan demopolis says:

    you are my favorite teacher ever if that how you spell favorite or teacher

  21. jordan demopolis says:

    mrs martin your the best teacher in the world from jordan demopolis

  22. jordan says:

    hiii mrs.martin you rule

  23. Ryan says:

    Hi Mrs.Martin!!!5th hr science rules!!!!!!!1 🙂

  24. jordan says:

    heyy mrs.martin

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