The Mad Messengers Strike Again!



And Stikes Again!








Jessica Roberts visits the class to teach us sign language. 

                                                  (Movies to come later.) 





mlk with children I have a dream quote

Eisenhower Elementary

presents our

Martin Luther King Celebration


January 19, 2010

Fraser High School Performing Arts Center


All are welcome to join us for the performance

honoring Dr. King and his beliefs!

The First Eight Days!

     There has been a lot going on in the first eight days of school.  Pictures have already been taken for the yearbook.  Student Council elections for the year have started.  Information on Walk-A-Thon and the Entertainment Books have been sent home.  These are important fundraisers for PTO.   The first Scholastic Book Order were sent home.  In class, we are doing review math, science, and reading to get ready for the MEAPS.  Along with the review, we have started our regular 5th grade curriculum.   It has been a busy start to a new school year!


What opportunities are available in Fifth Grade? 

Fifth grade is an exciting year.  There are many interesting learning experiences and activities your child will be involved in, especially related to  reading and writing.  In addition, students have the opportunity to take band class for the first time, and to become more involved in Student Council projects.   There are also Social Studies Olympiad and Science Olympiad events in which they can become involved.  Various contests, clubs, and presentations will also be made available to them.  There are fun projects in computer lab which will be beneficial for future learning and work.  Our main field trip to Greenfield Village in June is related to our study of American History.  All these opportunities will add to his/her 5th grade learning  adventure.

What supplies can be brought to school?  (Please label all supplies brought to school.)  (NO STAPLERS OR LARGE BINDERS.)


Box of Kleenex.     

Hand Sanitizer.


Ziplock Bag to carry supplies.   Metric/Standard Ruler.   Colored Pencils.  Big Eraser.   #2 Pencils.   Red Checking Pen.   Scissors (Pointed and Sharp).   Highlighters.   Black, fine tip marker.  

Other Supplies which could be Useful:

Scotch Tape.   Crayons/Markers.   Erasable Blue/Black Pens.   Hand Pencil Sharpener.  Individual Hand Sanitizer.

Classroom Requirement:

Silent Reading Book  (Individual reading books can be checked out from the Fraser Library, Eisenhower’s Library, or from the Classroom Library.  I also give the students the opportunity to buy books from the Scholastic Book Club during the year.)

Contact Info?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Eisenhower Elementary.   (Telephone No.  586-439-6620)  I will be available before and after school to discuss any concerns.  Also, you can send a note with your child to school and I will check my blog at least once a day for any messages.