Grandparent’s Day on Wednesday, October 2nd, was enjoyed by all!  It was so sweet to see so many loving grandparents who were able to come.  I know there were loving grandparents who wanted to come, but were unable.  Maybe next year.  The pictures are on a link on the Picture Page.  My MAC for making a picture link does not work like the PC, so you might have to highlight the link and copy it into the address bar.  If you wish to keep the picture, right click and click on “save to images” and it will save to your computer.  It can be sent to CVS or Wallgreens for a print copy.  HOPE ALL THE GRANDPARENTS HAD A GREAT TIME!!!


Combine ACADEMICS with ATTITUDE, and you get STAR+FISH

Students Taking Academic Responsibility


 1.  BE THERE – Be present for the task, whatever it is.

 2.  MAKE THEIR DAY – Improving others day, will improve yours.

 3.  CHOOSE  YOUR ATTITUDE – We may not be able to choose what we

      have to do, but we can choose how we do it.

 4.  PLAY! – Have fun doing your task!

Gave Me a Smile!

I was taking a photo/video of some band students playing their instruments, and as I turned around, this is what I saw.


I started laughing, so, of course, I had to take a picture.  Oh, the technology age!

I-Pad Roll Out Day 11-2-12

It was an exciting day when we received our I-Pads.


Monthly School Incentive

Each month Mr. Metty plans a new reward for students who meet their behavior goal in their grade level.  In September, it was being quiet while walking the halls.  I am glad to say that all students were able to meet this goal.  Students will be able to see a movie and permission ships were sent home to be signed.  In October, the goal is to get all homework and classwork handed in.  More than three missing assignments will disqualify the student from the next reward.  Each goal is a continuing one, meaning that being quiet in the hallways still counts.  (As will missing assignments for the rest of the year.) The students are looking forward to their first reward!