MH900288900.gifI sent a note home about group e-mailings.  If you wish to be part of my group e-mail, please fill out the form and send it back to me ASAP.  It would only be used for times that I would want to get a message to all parents, maybe for a project due date, or a snow day, etc.  Thanks!   Mrs. Biondi


Now that your child is receiving grades, which are posted in the Parent Portal, I know that some of you will have some questions on how your child can improve his/her grades.


  • Any quiz (same quiz concepts, new problems) can be retaken for a new grade.  However, I need to know that the student has studied, so I require a parent signature for a retake.  Otherwise, the student tends to do worse on the retake quiz.
  • There is NO retake for the end of the unit test.
  • If an Interventionist, Resource Room Teacher, or I study with a student, we will sign for the student to retake a quiz, if it is OK with the parent.


  • There are NO retakes on these tests, but I do allow the students to do corrections (time permitting) for extra credit added to the grade.  Students must write out or type the questions and the answers, staple it to the test, and hand in.  I go over the answers in class, so they can copy the correct answer from me, in order to do the extra credit assignment at home.
  • Some memorization tests, like state abbreviations and state locating, students can retake the same quiz for a replacement grade, with parent signature, that they have studied.
  • I periodically hand out worksheets related to our unit of study for extra credit.  Also, some students speak to me about a special report or project to do (related to unit of study.)  This cannot be done the last week before report cards and the report or project must be done satisfactorily..





What opportunities are available in Fifth Grade? 

Fifth grade is an exciting year.  There are many interesting learning experiences and activities that your child will be involved in, especially related to reading and writing.  In addition, students have the opportunity to take band class for the first time, and to become more involved in Student Council projects.   There are also Social Studies Olympiad and Science Olympiad events in which they can participate.  Various contests, clubs, and presentations will also be made available to them.  They will have fun learning with technology, which will be beneficial for future learning and work experiences.  Our main field trip to Greenfield Village in June is related to our study of American History.  All these opportunities will add to his/her 5th grade learning  adventure.

What supplies can be brought to school?  (Please label all supplies brought to school.)  (NO STAPLERS OR LARGE BINDERS.)


Box of Kleenex.     

Hand Sanitizer.


Ziplock Bag to organize supplies.   Metric/Standard Ruler.   Colored Pencils.  Big Eraser.   #2 Pencils.   Red Checking Pen.   Scissors (Pointed and Sharp).   Highlighters.   Black, fine tip marker.  

Other Supplies which could be Useful:

Scotch Tape.   Crayons/Markers.   Erasable Blue/Black Pens.   Hand Pencil Sharpener.  Individual Hand Sanitizer.

Classroom Requirement:

Silent Reading Book  (Individual reading books can be checked out from the Fraser Library, Eisenhower’s Library, or from the Classroom Library.  I also give the students the opportunity to buy books from the Scholastic Book Club each month during the year.)

Contact Info?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Eisenhower Elementary.   (Telephone No.  586-439-6620)  I will be available before and after school to discuss any concerns.  Also, you can send a note with your child to school and I will check my blog/e-mail at least once a day for any messages.


Homework will be gone over daily in the classroom and will be posted on this blogsite under “Star Homework.”   In addition, students will be given an Agenda to write down homework assignments each day.


   Everybody was getting tired by this point, but it was a fun last day, with “Field Day” and “Dance Party.”  Wish I had taken a picture of the dancing.  Lots of singing too.  Even I danced!  Good thing there is no picture of that!  HaHa!  Have a great summer everyone and come see me in the fall! 



Practicing Stick Routine for Talent Show and Greenfield Village

(See more pics on Picture Page) 



 Donnie from Lou’s Pet Shop visited our 5th grades on Thursday.  He showed us some of his exotic animals, for which he has a license, and talked about classification and adaptations, which goes along with our Science Units.  Students and teachers really enjoyed this presentation!


 The Environmental Club’s Earth Day Science Fair

It was fabulous!!! And informative!!!

“March is Reading Month” Door!

Every March for Reading Month, students decorate the door to represent a book(s).  This year Amanda led a creative team, with Gail and Erika, to make a spectacular door.  Other students who helped were Zack, Kennedy, and Kaylee.  (If there were others who helped, I will add your names, don’t worry.)  See the pictures below! Click on each to show whole picture.



    Our class really had a busy week this week.  From seeing “Clue” at FHS on Monday, to the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum on Wednesday, to the Distance Learning on Friday.  Below are some pictures from the Distance Learning.  I will be adding pictures later this week showing the students making their “Roller Coasters” while learning about Force and Motion.