THURSDAY, October 16th

No spelling due for Unit 6.  Keep homophones to use at home.

Weekly Math Homework 70/140 due Friday.

HL  2.13

Post-Test Tomorrow for Unit 6.  Will include There/Their

WEDNESDAY, October 15th

No new homework.

TUESDAY, October 14th

Reading Log

HL 2.12

MONDAY, October 13th

Math Weekly due on Friday.  Examples included.

Unit 6 Math Spell Homework  (Cut out squares and keep.   No backside this week.)

Reading Log due next Monday.

HL 2.8


FRIDAY, October 3rd

Reading Log/Weekly Assignment due Monday

Math 2.4 Homelink due on Monday

MONDAY, September 29th

Weekly Math Due Friday

Unit 4 Spelling Due Friday

Read Log due next Monday

Homelink for Math will be handed out tomorrow.  We did not finish the lesson, so I did not feel that they were ready to do it.  It will be homework for tomorrow.

Social Studies:  The test for “Community” will be tomorrow.  We re-reviewed today.


TUESDAY, September 23rd

(See Monday Weekly Assignment Notes.)

Reading Log-20 Minutes

Go over Review #2 for Math.  If not finished, finish at home.

Unit 1 Math Test has been changed to Thursday.

Social Studies Test on Friday.  Review will be handed out on Wednesday.

MONDAY, September 22nd 

Weekly Math HW due on Friday.  Example included with assignment.

Unit 1 Math Test on Wednesday.  Study Review #1 Monday night, study Review #2 on Tuesday night.

Unit 3 Spelling HW due on Friday.  Don’t forget the two sides.

Reading Log/Assignment Sheet due next Monday.

Decorating items for “Treasurer Journal” due on Friday.

Notes Sent Home:  Class Dues and Class T-Shirt

Social Studies Test Friday on “Communities.”  Review will go home on Wednesday.

Community Walk on 19-9-14 note sent home.  Signed permission slip and $6.00 for lunch needed.  All parents are welcome.

Early Release 1:30  on Thursday.






TUESDAY, September 9th

Unit 1 Spell Homework due Friday

Reading Log Due next Monday signed.

Weekly math due next Monday.  I went over it with an example for the kids today.  I will send home another example tomorrow.

Parent Apple Note,  Reading with your child note, Fish Incentive Note, Box Top Note, and Fraser Recreation Note going home today.


MONDAY, September 8th

UNIT 1 spelling, both sides, due Friday.

Reading Log due Monday, September 15th. Signed.

Weekly math page due next Monday.