100 Days Smarter!

We had a great 100th day of school, but school doesn’t end at day 100!

What does 100 days smarter look like in kindergarten? (Here are a few ways)

  • Children who see themselves as leaders
  • Children who know they have goals for learning and for behavior
  • Children who have much more confidence when looking at letters and words
  • Children who are amazing at discussing and doing math
  • Children who know a lot about penguins!

What will we see as the year goes on?

  • Children who become more confident readers
  • Children who become great writers
  • Children who learn to own the responsibility for their choices
  • Children who make great friends
  • Children who learn about the farm and about butterflies

How Can Parents Help?

  • Make sure your child has a consistent sleep schedule
  • Give them healthy snacks to fuel their brain power
  • Spend time talking to your children about their day–ask specific questions like “Did you do workplaces?” or “What did you do with your BLAST buddy? instead of “What did you do/learn today?”
  • Continue to enforce good effort.  Working towards a goal is as important as achieving it.
  • Since no child is ever perfect, talk with them about ways they can do better in their effort on behavior and academics
  • Encourage them to practice sight words, reading, and counting in fun ways.  We start the learning at school but how much they keep for the next 18 years is solidified at home by practice and by attitudes of families.  Check pinterest or email me if you need ideas!


The Gingerbread Man!

The Gingerbread Man has disappeared!  We read about him this morning and then when we came back from lunch, he was gone.  We do not know his current whereabouts.  I promise I didn’t eat him (he wasn’t gluten-free after all).  We started thinking of ideas of where we think the Gingerbread Man may have gone.  If your child didn’t put an idea on the list yet, they will do so later this week.

Read below to see some of the children’s ideas!

Where did the gingerbread man go

Quick survey

Apparently we are having an issue with PowerSchool’s Parent Portal sending email progress reports to parents about grades.  The only grades I currently have in PowerSchool are for returned letter homework.  Your child should not have any math, reading, science, or social studies grades being displayed/sent to you.

Please click here to take a 2-question survey to let us know if you have been affected so that we can fix the issue.


Thank you!

A Note About Music

Hello Families,

We have been singing a lot in kindergarten.  Some of that is positive, some is not.

Bad news first: If you listen to it on the radio, your children probably know the words.  Some of those words are not appropriate for them to be singing at school.  Help your child have a balanced musical intake of appropriate songs that are fun to sing with songs like those that follow.

Good news second: the class has gotten quite excited about the letter songs from Have Fun Teaching’s Youtube Channel (check out letter Z for an example) and about singing the 7 Habits to Erie’s music video (see here).  Both of these are accessible from home as well.  Have Fun Teaching Channel has a video for every letter, for counting, and for many of the sight words.

Have fun practicing reading and practicing appropriate songs :)

Miss Tucker

Hello Families

Hello Families,

Since newsletters have been coming home in paper form I haven’t posted them all on the website.  Tomorrow’s news is particularly important though, since it helps determine the future of our state, our schools, and your children.  It is election day!  Please consider taking time to head to the polls.

Here is a message from our Superintendent of schools about Chippewa’s millage renewal:


There is also news in your child’s green folder about our week, a volunteer sign-up sheet, a new homework calendar, and information about our new math unit.

Happy reading!

Miss Tucker

Newsletter and Volunteers

Dear Families,

Tonight your child should have brought home a newsletter than included our classroom roster and their letter homework.  Please read through the news and check the roster to make sure it is accurate.  If you would like your information added, you can still do this, just let me know.  While I cannot post the classroom roster, I can post the newsletter here:Newsletter 9-15-14 and in case you need it our homework calendar 2014-2015 September Homework.

For those of you who signed up to volunteer in the classroom, I will be sending home a volunteer calendar.  Please check if you can do the days I have written your name on and either confirm or let me know of any changes.  Our main two times for volunteering will be 10:15 a.m. for center work and 2:00 p.m. for math workplaces.  I will be scheduling computer lab volunteers as soon as I can, but we are waiting for baseline assessments to be done school wide before we can have those volunteers come.

Remember to wear green tomorrow!

Miss Tucker

Newsletter and Notes

Dear Families,

In case you did not get this week’s newsletter, you can find it here: Newsletter 1, September 2nd.  It should have come home yesterday.  Coming home today, you should have a paper about the Erie Pride Stride.  This is the main fundraiser that Erie does throughout the year, so please read through the information in your child’s green folder.

Today was our first pizza day of the year and we had a slight snack problem: many students did not have a nut-free snack they could eat in the morning.  Snack happens before lunch, so even if your child is getting hot lunch, please send them with a snack.  Remember that snack needs to be nut free, so that it is safe to eat in our classroom for all students.

If you have older students and are coming tonight to curriculum night, I hope you have a great evening!  If you don’t have older children at Erie, you do not need to attend–Kindergarten already had our Meet the Teacher night before school started.

Have a great evening,

Miss Tucker

Testing Kindergarten Communication

Hello Families,

This is a test blog post to make sure you have a way to get our newsletters.  If you provided your email on the forms from last night or when you signed up, you have a subscription confirmation.  If you DO NOT wish to get emails from school, you do not need to do anything, you will be removed automatically next week.  If you would like to get emails from school, then please confirm your subscription.

While I am writing you, one quick remind and a request:

Reminder: our first day of school will be a gym day, so please have your child wear gym shoes their first day.  Open-toed shoes are allowed the rest of the time, but flip-flops are not.

Request: Dr. Evanski, our principal, is having all of the teachers add a set of 5-tab dividers to our supply lists.  These will be used for students’ Leadership Notebooks, which you will hear more about later.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Tucker