We Had a Fun Day!









Thank you to all of the families that helped make Fun Day a fun day!  Students were well dressed, had a lot of fun, and should be exhausted as they come home.  We did a great job sharpening our saws and getting lots of exercise, then got re-hydrated in the afternoon.  The school had a Jump Rope demonstration assembly with Jump Rope Jill.  If you would like to see more, you can visit her site at www.jumpropeteacher.net .

As your children get some rest, here is our very quick last week of school newsletter: Newsletter 30 6-6-14

Happy Reading,

Miss Tucker

Fun Day Apparel

Dear Families,

You should have a note in your child’s Erie folder about Fun Day volunteers and lunch, but we have one more addition: Fun Day Apparel!  Fun Day is this Friday, June 6th.

Please remember:

-Have your child wear closed-toed (tennis) shoes and socks.

-Put sunscreen on your child before school starts.

-Make sure your child’s water bottle has their name on it.

-Have your child wear their FARM shirt or a WHITE shirt.

Thank you for your help,

Miss Tucker

News for This Week

Dear Families,

While this is not a full newsletter, here are some things happening this week:

  • Festival of the Arts is tomorrow from 6-8 p.m.  Please join us for a wonderful evening!
  • Students are working very hard on their end-of-year assessments.  We have many assessments to do but we are getting closer to finished.  Remember to practice your sight words this week!
  • Today, your child should have come home with a note about the last day of school picnic.  If you cannot come, your child will sit with a buddy.  We will provide the pizza out of the kindergarten fund.  We are asking all families to bring a small item.  Please write down how many people can come and if you can bring the item requested.

As always, keep reading!

Miss Tucker


A.C.E.S. Day tomorrow

Dear Families,

Please remind your child to wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothes tomorrow since it is A.C.E.S. Day!  A.C.E.S. stands for All Children Exercising Simultaneously.  We will be taking a walk around our school track after we go to library.

To learn more about the rest of our week, read on:Newsletter 28

Happy reading tonight and exercising tomorrow!

Miss Tucker

Field Trip Reminders

Hello Families,

Just an extra reminder for tomorrow:

  • We will not be back in time for lunch at school, so have your child bring a lunch with them.
  • You can sign your child out after the field trip from the classroom.
  • You may want to layer up, wear boots, and bring an umbrella.  Our forecast includes the possibility of rain.  Even if it doesn’t rain, it will still likely be muddy because of rain this week.
  • Have your child wear their farm shirt
  • Please check in at the front office if you are a chaperon.

Have a good evening,

Miss Tucker

The Caterpillars are Here! (Updated News)

Dear Families,

I had this newsletter written but had to add one thing: our caterpillars are here!  I have not even told the class yet, but when they come in tomorrow there will be five teeny tiny surprises for them to see.  We’ll be talking about being very very careful with the little guys as they grow and watching so we can learn about that process.  Next week we will do a lot of focusing on them.

Here is this week’s news: now as a pdf Newsletter 27

Happy Reading!

Miss Tucker