November 11, 2009: Conference Tips


Can you believe that it is already time for conferences??? Our conference time is very important to me. I promise to be prepared and positive. Please take the time to read the tips below to ensure a productive conference. I can’t wait to see everyone next week. Conferences are Wednesday evening, Thursday afternoon, and Thursday evening.

1. Talk to your child before the conference.
Ask your child what she would like you to discuss at the meeting. One strategy is to say, “I’m going to be meeting with your teacher; what will she tell me?” Your child’s response will give you ideas for what to discuss with the teacher.

2. Ask questions.
Come to the conference with a list of questions regarding your child’s academic and social issues, as well as questions about the teacher’s philosophy. Some good questions to ask may include:

What are my child’s strengths/weaknesses?
What can I do from home to extend my child’s learning at home?
Is my child working up to his or her ability? If not, what can we do to change that?
How well does my child get along with classmates?
How do you evaluate my child?
How do you challenge a student if he/she is excelling?
How can you support my child if he is falling behind?
What is your homework policy?

3. Share information about your child.
Teachers need your help as they educate your children, and no one knows your child better than you. The more you share about your child—both her strengths and weaknesses—the better the teacher will successfully meet his/her needs.

4. Raise issues of concern.
Plan ahead of time how you will raise issues of concern. When expressing concerns be tactful, but not so much that you don’t communicate the problem clearly. Listen to what the teacher has to say in response to the problem. Then work together to find a solution.

5. Take notes.
Take notes during the conference so that you remember everything the teacher says. After the meeting, review your notes. If something is unclear, schedule a follow-up meeting with the teacher to clarify.

6. Make the most of your time.
Conferences are scheduled for 15 minutes. Make the most of your meeting by arriving on time. Try not to bring babies or young children to the meeting as they can cause distractions.

7. How much should you share with your child after the conference? It is recommended that you only share what is helpful, focusing as much as possible on the positive aspects. It is essential that your child understands that you and the teacher are there to support them and to make their school experience the best it can be.

Adapted from an article by Jackie Glassman M.S. Ed for

November 13, 2009: Friday Reminders

1. Family Treasure Page: If you did not turn in your “Family Treasure” page, please remember that they are due by Monday. I am going to be putting them together in a class book.

2. Spelling: Because of the short weeks the next 2 weeks, we will not be doing any spelling units.

3. Conferences: By now, your child should have brought home a sheet with your day and time for conferences next week. If you did not receive one, please ask your child for it.

4. Short Week: Due to conferences, there will be a half day next Thursday, dismissal @ 12:00, and no school next Friday.

November 11, 2009: Virtual Field Trip

Today we went on a virtual field trip. We “traveled” back in time with Pilgrim Mary. She taught us all about the pilgrims, the Mayflower, and the first Thanksgiving. We connected to a museum in Ohio though the computer. She could see and talk to us and we could see and talk to her. As we learned new things we put a bead on our bead bracelet. Each bead stands for something specific that we learned about. Please make sure to ask your child about this amazing experience.

November 9, 2009: Math Game

I just found this fun math game. It its called Math Lines and it is on the right side, at the bottom of this page. Click on start and it will show you the directions. I have also included a link to the game, just click on the picture of the game below and it will take you to the game. The object of the game is to find pairs of numbers that add up to 10. Click on full screen, it is easier to see the numbers.  Please leave a comment here and let us know what level you got to and what you think of the game. Have fun!!!!

November 7, 2009: Weekly Reminders

1. BOOK ORDERS-Book orders are due Monday, please visit the Scholastic site to order on-line, it is easy and each on-line order earns us a free book for our classroom library. Please look on the left side under Pages and Book Club Ordering for username and password.

2. TURKEY FEATHERS– If you did not bring in your turkey feather, please bring it in on Monday, I would like to get them hung out in the hallway on the big turkey.

3. PAJAMA DAY-Students have earned a total of 600 smiles tickets at Eisenhower and have earned Pajama Day. which will be on Wednesday.  Please feel free to wear you pajamas and slippers to school, please no night gowns.

4. NO SCHOOL-There will be no school on Friday due to Records Day.

5. SPELLING- There will be no spelling this week.


November 7, 2009: Mystery Reader

Our mystery reader this week was Mrs. Smith. Everyone was really surprised that she came back and read to us for a second time. She read a wonderful story called Sylvester and the Magic Pebble. A great big thank you to Mrs. Smith for coming in and reading to us, we really enjoyed the story.

November 5, 2009: Friday Reminders

1. Turkey feather project is due tomorrow.

2. Spelling homework is due and spelling test, don’t forget to study your 6 words.

3. First quarter math test will be tomorrow. PLEASE go over the 2 review sheets that have come home this week.

4. Because of the Unit 2 math test and the first quarter math test this week, there will be no Friday math quiz.

5.  Bagel Day- Bagels are 75 cents.