December 4, 2009: Mystery Reader

Today, Nathan’s mom came in to be our Mystery Reader. She read us a wonderful story called, Snowmen at Night. It was a cute story about the fun things that snowmen do at night while we are sleeping. THANK YOU very much Mrs. Herbert for coming in and joining us today, we really enjoyed the story!

9 thoughts on “December 4, 2009: Mystery Reader

  1. Hi Mrs. Short! I love your blog:-) How did you get your header picture to stretch across the whole top of the blog? I have been unsuccessful with mine.
    Mrs. Descamps

  2. Hello Mrs. Descamps,
    Thank you!! It took me forever to do the header. But I just downloaded the picture and then cropped it. You can strectch out the crop box to show the part you want to show. It took me several attempts to get it to work.
    Mrs. Short

  3. Hi Sydney,
    You called me Mrs. Descamps, but that’s ok. I hope you are feeling better and able to come to school tomorrow. Hope to see you tomorrow.
    Mrs. Short

  4. “Hi Mrs. Short, I didn’t get the i-pod touch, a touch screen or sliding keyboard cell phone or a laptop, but…. I DID get some of the things that I wished for like a purple peace sign snuggie, and the NEW Hannah Montana movie music CD!!!!!!!!

  5. Hello Sydney,

    I’m glad that you got your purple snuggie and the Hannah Montana CD. Is purple your favorite color? Are you enjoying your time off? What have you been doing?

    Mrs. Short

  6. Hi Mrs. Short. purple is not my favorite color. But, I like it.
    I DID enjoy my time off.I have been playing with my friends, and having sleepovers!!!!!!!!!! and, spending time with my family!!!!!!!!!!

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