January 24, 2010: Weekly Reminders

Hello everyone!!!! I hope that you are enjoying your weekend. Here are a few reminders for the week.

1. NO SCHOOL: There is no school on Monday due to Record’s Day. Enjoy your day off!!

2. TACKY THE PENGUIN: If you did not bring back your Tacky the Penguin t-shirt last week, be sure to bring it on Tuesday.

3. LIBRARY: Since there is no school on Monday, we will be visiting the library on Wednesday for this week only. Don’t forget you books.

4. MYSTERY READER: We do not have anyone signed up to be the Mystery Reader this week. If you are interested in coming in to read, please let me know.

5. COFFEE CANS: We still need coffee cans for our Valentine card holders. If you have an empty one, please send it in. THANKS!!!!!

January 22, 2010: Water Conservation Program

Today we had the Michigan State Extension program come into our classroom and teach us all about water. They talked about fresh water and salt water. They also went over the water cycle. They taught us about how water gets to our houses as well as ways we can help conserve water. We learned about “water wasters” and “water savers”. They did a lot of hands on activities that we got to help with.

January 22, 2010: Math Club

Mrs. Laidlaw and I had our first meeting of the Math Club today. We had 33 second graders sign up to attend. This week’s focus was on geometry. We started out with Mrs. Laidlaw reading The Greedy Triangle. Then we took two pieces of string licorice and divided them into 8 equal parts. Then we made different 2D shapes with them. After that we did a bunch of really cool centers. The centers included: making 2D shapes on the table with shaving cream, shape riddle books with a partner, a geometry mystery box, a geometry board game, making shapes on the geoboards, and we made 3D shapes with sticks and spheres. Everyone took home a packet that contained 3 geometry games to play at home with their families. Mrs. Laidlaw and I had a lot of fun….we hope you did too!!!

January 22, 2010: Mystery Reader

Today we were surprised to have Anthony’s mom come in and be our Mystery Reader. She read a Dr. Seuss favorite, Fox in Sox. She also brought us yummy suckers. Thanks for coming in!!!!! We have an opening next Friday for Mystery Reader, if you are interested in coming in and reading to us, please let me know.

January 19, 2010: MLK Program

What a wonderful job everyone did today at the high school with our annual MLK program. It was so positive and inspiring!!! It was wonderful to see so many parents come out and join us for this special program.

January 17, 2010: Weekly Reminders

Hello everyone!!! I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend. Here are a few reminders for the week.

1.NO SCHOOL: There will be no school tomorrow due to MLK day, enjoy your day off.

2. MLK PROGRAM:Our MLK program will be at Fraser High School on Tuesday and will begin @ 12:15. Everyone is invited to join us. Please remember to wear your gray, second grade t-shirts.

3. MATH HOMEWORK DUE: Please remember that the Second Quarterly Assessment review packet is due when you come back on Tuesday. Keep going over it, the big test is on Thursday.

4. GEOMETRY WALK: Also, your geometry walk booklet is due back to school by Wednesday. I hope you are finding lots of 2D and 3D shapes.