February 22, 2010: LOVE IS WHEN…..

Last week, we wrote to the prompt, Love is When….To hear us read what we wrote, just click on the blue arrow next to the name that is listed above our pictures. We hope you enjoy listening to what we wrote. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!!!
field trip 459
field trip 460
field trip 461
field trip 462
field trip 463
field trip 464
field trip 465
field trip 466
field trip 467
field trip 474
field trip 475
field trip 476
field trip 478                                                                                                                   


field trip 457


field trip 469


field trip 470


field trip 456


field trip 471


field trip 458


field trip 472


field trip 473

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3 thoughts on “February 22, 2010: LOVE IS WHEN…..

  1. All you did a great job on your reading!!!!! You guys did a GREAT job on expresstion!!!!!! It was REALLY fun!!!!! I hope we can do it again!!!!!!!!!


  2. Hello Sydney,

    You’re right, everyone did a fantastic job on these. I am hoping to do some more podcasts this year!!
    Mrs. Short

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