February 21, 2010: Weekly Reminders

1. LIBRARY: Don’t forget, we have library on Monday, don’t forget your books!

2. EARLY RELEASE: Thursday will be an Early Release Day, dismissal will be at 1:30.

3. BOOK FORMS: Slips and envelopes are due back by Friday for the book that we are having published. Even if you are not purchasing a book, please check off “no” and return it to school by Friday.

February 19, 2010: MATH CLUB

Today, we had another fun meeting with the Math Club. This week we focused on number sense/place value. We started off with Mrs. Laidlaw reading a story called, A Place For Zero. Our group activity was a wrap around place value game. We each got a card, then we had to read the card and find the person who had the next card. It was a lot of fun!! We ended with some fun number sense/place value centers. Centers included: place value sliders, a few place value games, place value matching puzzles, a “Bridge” game, and some fun place value spinners. We each got a game packet to take home. This week’s packet included a bunch of games that can be played with cards.

February 19, 2010: HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS???

Have you heard? We are becoming real authors!!!! We are sending off our stories to a real publisher to have them published in a real hard cover book!!!!  We are revising and editing our stories about our best day ever. We will be finishing them up next week and then we will be  illustrating a page to go with it. Your child should have brought home the order form and envelope yesterday. If you would like to order a book, please send back the form and envelope by next Friday. If you are not purchasing a book, please check the “no” box, and return it to school by next Friday. The kids are soooo excited about this and we can’t wait to see the finished product!!

February 19, 2010: Shamrock Guys

We spent most of the afternoon working on our stories for the book that we are having published. So to end the day, we made some really cute shamrock guys to hang out in the hallway. If you’re in the school in the next few weeks, stop by to see them.


February 18, 2010: Morley Chocolate Factory

Today we visited the Morley Chocolate Factory. What a great ending to our unit on, People at Work. We started off watching a video about how chocolate is made, from the cocoa bean to the factory. After the video, we got to try a yummy sample!! Then we had a walking tour where we got to see the factory, it was really cool!!We got to see them making different kinds of candy as well as packaging it. We ended in the gift shop, the favorite stop I think. We got to pick out some candy to take back to school. A great big thank you to our chaperones who joined us today!!!

February 16, 2010: Spelling Words

This week we are working on Unit 18 in Spelling. Please, don’t forget to visit Spelling City to play some games with this week’s words. Also remember, our spelling words are recycled, which means they are used over and over throughout the year. This week’s spelling skill is working with digraphs. A digraph is when two letters come together to make a new sound. Spelling homework is due by Friday this week.

THIS WEEK”S SPELLING WORDS ARE:   another, came, come, work, three, around

February 14, 2010: Weekly Reminders

1.NO SCHOOL: There will be no school on Monday. Enjoy your day off!!!

2. LIBRARY: Since there is no school on Monday, we will be going to the library on  Wednesday. Don’t forget your books.

3.FIELD TRIP: On Thursday, we will be visiting the Morley Candy Factory in the morning. We will be back in time for lunch, so please order or a send a lunch for that day. Please wear your gray second grade t-shirts on this day.

4.BOOK ORDERS: Book orders will be coming home on Tuesday. If you would like to order books, please send them back by Friday. Remember, if you would like to order on-line, look on the left hand side under “pages” and “book club ordering” for directions.

Also, a great big thank you to everyone who sent in goodies for our Valentines party. We had yummy big pizza bagels and decorated heart-shaped cookies. THANKS AGAIN!!!!!


field trip 426

February 11, 2010: Conversation Heart Graphing With a Partner

This afternoon we got together with a partner to do a graphing activity. We each got a cup of conversation hearts. First we sorted them. Then we tallied and charted the amount of each color. We also put our partner’s data on our paper. Then we graphed our data along with our partner’s data and compared each color. When we were done, we got to eat some of our hearts.