February 11, 2010: 100th Day of School

Wow, it’s hard to believe, but we have been together for 100 days. We celebrated today with some special 100 day centers in the morning. Centers included the following: tracing a big dalmatian dog and dabbing on 100 spots, 100 piece puzzles, Race to 100 board game, making a Fruit Loop necklace with 100 Fruit Loops, building something with 100 legos, making a headband, flipping a penny 100 times, rolling a die 100 times, estimation jars, a mystery picture, and making a “Wolf’s Chicken Stew” book page.

February 9, 2010: Reader’s Theater

One of our reading groups worked really hard this past week preparing for a reader's theater. The name of the play is: The Daddy Long-Legs and the Fly. They worked hard on fluency and expression. They also worked hard out in the hallway drawing and coloring some scenery (it's hard to see it behind them). Congratulations to Brooke, Kaileigh, Sydney, Jacob, Matthew, and Cooper, you guys did a great job!!!

February 8, 2010: Media Center Murals

We recently had some beautiful murals painted in the media center. A big one with the trees and bears was painted on a side wall and all of the others were painted around the top of the center of the room. The next time you’re in the building, stop by and take a look.


February 7, 2010: Feed Fribbit Subtraction Game

I just found this really cool subtraction game for you guys to try out. It’s called, “Feed Fribbit Subtraction”. I found it at coolmathgames.com. Just click on the picture to get to the site. I thought this game would be a great way to help improve your subtraction. Try it out and let me know what you think of the game.

February 6, 2010: Weekly Reminders

Hello second graders!!! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Here are a few reminders for the week.

1. SPORTS DAY: Well, the students of Eisenhower have done it again!!!! They have earned a total of 1800 smile tickets and that has earned them Sports Day on February 9th. I can’t wait to see everyone decked out in their favorite sport’s team gear. Hats will be allowed on this day.

2. 100th DAY OF SCHOOL: Can you believe that Thursday is our 100th day of school? Please make sure that you bring in your collection of 100 items as well as the 100 day packet.

3. VALENTINE’S DAY PARTY: We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Friday. We will be making big pizza bagels and decorating heart-shaped cookies. We will also be delivering our cards to our frog Valentine containers. If you would like to send in treats, please feel free to do so. We now have 24 students in our class.

4. MATH CLUB: Just a reminder, there will be no Math Club this Friday, February 12th. We will meet again on Friday, February 19th.

Our student of the week last week was Lauren.

field trip 304

February 5, 2010: Cookie Assembly Line

This week we started a new unit in Social Studies called “People at Work”. As part of that unit, we are learning about assembly lines. Today we made our own assembly lines to produce smiley face cookies. We set up 4 assembly lines at our desks. We had 6 jobs at each assembly line. The jobs included: froster, eyes, nose, mouth, inspector, and packaging. When we were done we got to eat them, YUMMY!!!