March 31, 2010: Easter Puzzle

Well, you guys have been asking for it, so here is another puzzle to work on over break. Since many of you said that the last couple were too easy, I made this one a little harder. Try it out and leave a comment here and let me know how you did.

Click to Mix and Solve

March 31, 2010: Jelly Bean Graphing

Today we each got a cup of jelly beans. We sorted, tallied, and graphed them. Then we did a sheet where we had to write fractions for each color. When we were done, we got to eat them. YUMMY!!!!

March 30, 2010: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

To wrap up March is Reading Month we read the story, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, this week. We did a couple of comprehension activities with it, as well as a creative writing. Tomorrow, we will watch the movie. Here are a few of our stories. Just click on the arrow to hear us read them.

Sydney’s Story

Picture 072

Abigael’s Story

Picture 075

Matt’s Story

Picture 074

Jacob’s Story

Picture 070

Lauren’s Story

Picture 071

Brooke’s Story

Picture 073

March 30, 2010: HURRAY!!!!!

Well, we have been waiting for weeks and they finally came!!! Our book that we had published, finally arrived at school this week. The kids were sooooo excited to get them and to read them. I purchased 2 books for our classroom and 1 for the library. So, anyone that didn’t order one, can read the ones in the classroom or they can check out the one that is in the library.

Picture 067

March 30, 2010: Landform Cookies

Yesterday, as a culminating activity for our Landforms Unit, we made “Landform Cookies.” Children took turns coming over to the table to make “Cookie Island.” They used a big sugar cookie and added at least 3 landforms to it. We used chocolate frosting for dirt, green coconut for the plains, Hershey Kisses for mountains, chocolate chips for hills, miniature candy bars for plateaus, and blue icing for rivers. When they finished, they placed their “island” on a blue napkin, which was the lake or ocean. In the afternoon, the child made a map of their island. They had to add a compass rose, a map key, and had to name their landforms, with names such as “Monster Mountain” and “Rippling River.” When they were finished with their maps, they got to eat their “Cookie Islands.”

A great big thank you to all of the parents who sent in items for this project!!!


March 25, 2010: Color Poems

This week we wrote color poems. Then we did a voice thread to put with our pictures. Click the close button and then the play button below to hear our voice threads. We would love to hear from you, so please leave us a comment and let us know what you think!! (Just make sure not to comment on the voice thread, use the comment button under the post.)