April 27, 2010: Triangle Sentences

This week we are finishing up our unit on the 6-trait called Sentence Fluency. Today we made “Triangle Sentences.” This was a fun way to stretch out our sentences and make them more detailed. We learned how to start with a noun and then added a verb, and then an adjective, then an adverb and finally a prepositional phrase. Below are several examples of our sentences.

SYDNEY: The hot campfire popped loudly and hotly in the campground.

ASHLEY:  The cheetah cat scratched wildly on the couch.

MATT:  The happy tiger ate slowly in the rain forest.

LAUREN: The golden cat meowed excitedly under my bed.

KAILEIGH: The spotted dragon walked coolly in the forest.

COOPER:  The happy boy jumped high into the night sky.

ASHLEE:  The fury cat purred loudly in the store.

JADE:  The big dog barked loudly on my lawn.

ANTHONY: The cute cat fluffs its fur slowly in my home.

BROOKE:  The green frog ribbits loudly in the garden.

DOUGLAS: The mean cowboy spit disgustedly in Texas.

NATHAN:  The small ant crawled quickly outside.

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