June 23, 2010: Jetski Addition

Hello everyone!!! I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation so far!! Here is a fun addition game that you can play to keep your addition facts fresh in your mind!! Just click on the picture, and it will take you to the website.

June 14, 2010: Very Cool Game!!

I just found this really cool game on Mr. Alvaro’s blog. I tried it several times with Kayla and Connor and it guessed our numbers everytime!! Just click on the picture and it will take you to the site. Try it out and let me know if it guessed your numbers. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of it.

magic number

June 10, 2010: Good-Bye!!!


I’m glad I was your teacher

I’ve come to love you so.

I can’t believe the end is here.

I hate to see you go.

Remember all the fun we had

in all the things we did.

But most of all remember….

You’re a very special kid.

I love you guys and have really enjoyed having you in my class this year!!! Have a terrific summer and don’t forget to email me and let me know what you are up to this summer.


June 10, 2010: Field Day

Today we participated in field day. We did a shoe toss, hula hoop contest, tug of war, soft ball toss, soccer dribble, and a couple of races. We had a beautiful day for it and everyone showed really good sportsmanship. What a great way to spend our last day together!!


June 9, 2010: Book Buddies

Today was our last meeting with our Book Buddies. We got to go outside and eat popsicles and play on the playground. A big thank you to Mrs. Zombo for getting the yummy popsicles!! We have enjoyed meeting with our 4th grade buddies this year…..THANK YOU MRS. ZOMBO’S CLASS!!!!

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June 8, 2010: Second Grade Bash

Today we walked to Somerset Pool for our end of the year celebration. The kids got to swim and play at the playground. We had a cookout with hot dogs. We also got to eat watermelon, chips and a bunch of yummy desserts. Before we walked back, we each got a popsicle. A HUGE thank you to all of our parents who volunteered to walk over with us and to all of you who sent in food or drinks. A special thank you to Kathy Roberts who set up the pool and to the PTO who paid for the lifeguards. WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT ALL OF YOU!!!!