October 31, 2010: Weekly Reminders

1. LIBRARY: We have library tomorrow, don’t forget your 2 books.

2. UNIT 2 MATH TEST: We will be having our Unit 2 math test on Monday, don’t forget to go over the review sheets that came home last week.

3. EARLY RELEASE DAY: Tuesday is an Early Release Day, dismissal @ 1:30.

4. GYM: We have Gym class on Thursday, don’t forget your tennis shoes.

5. 1st Quarter Math Test: We will be having our 1st Quarter Math Test on Thursday. Watch for review sheets to come home on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please help your child review for this very important test.

6. SUNNY D LABELS: We are still collecting labels, we only need 4 more then we will be able to get our 20 free books.

7.VIRTUAL FIELD TRIP: Please make sure that you send in the $3.00 for our virtual field trip by Friday. THANKS!!!

October 30, 2010: November Self Esteem Project

Last week your child brought home the November Self Esteem project. The turkey feather needs to be decorated with things that your child is thankful for. These can be represented with drawings (colored), photos, words, magazine pictures, etc. They can add glitter, sequins, feathers and anything else they can think of to decorate it. The feathers are due by next Wednesday, November 3rd.  The feathers will be hung out in our hallway on a big turkey, so do your best!!! Have fun and enjoy working with your child!!!


October 29, 2010: Mysery Reader

The kids were all really excited to see that Madison’s mom was our Mystery Reader today. She read us two great stories; I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat and Ten Timid Ghosts. A big thank you to her for donating one of the books to our classroom library and for bringing us all these really cool handmade Frankenstein pins to wear. THANKS MADISON’S MOM!!!

October 28, 2010: Book Treasure Book

Today we read another Book Treasure book. We read, Too Many Pumpkins, written by Linda White. Your child should have brought home their Book Treasure envelope with the retelling sheet. The Book Treasure this week was a jack-0-lantern eraser. Please have your child retell the story to you and have THEM write it down. Envelopes and retelling sheets should be returned by next Tuesday. If you would like to listen to the story, click on the title of the book below the picture.

Too Many Pumpkins

October 28, 2010: Dads & Donuts

What a great turn out this morning for Dads and Donuts. It was great to see so many of our dads come to school so early.  They got to enjoy a donut and some milk and then got to do some activities out in the hallway.


October 26, 2010: Homophones

Our skill in spelling last week was working with homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same, but have different spellings and meanings. We read two books about homophones; Dear Deer written by Gene Barretta and How much can a Bare Bear Bear? written by Brian P. Cleary. We each made a book page using a set of homophones in one sentence. Take a look at them in our slideshow.