November 29, 2010: Verb ABC Book

Over the past few weeks we having been learning about verbs. We read a really fun book titled, To Root, to Toot, to Parachute...What is a Verb? We have also watched a couple of videos on verbs. Last week we each picked a letter of the alphabet and then had to come up with a verb that begins with that letter. Then we each made a book page for our class book. Take a look at the slide show below to look at our ABC book.


November 29, 2010: Spelling-Unit 11

This week, we are working on Unit 11 in Spelling. Your child should have brought home their pretest today along with their homework paper. Homework is due back by Friday. This week’s skill is working with the different spellings of the long a sound, ay, ai, and a-consonant-e. Please visit Spelling City to practice this week’s words with some fun games.  If you would like to practice this week’s skill, just click on “Unit 11” below. There are 3 activities to do there.

THIS WEEK”S SPELLING WORDS ARE:  way, find, use, may, water, people

November 29, 2010: Christmas Around the World

Today we started our Christmas Around the World unit in Social Studies. For the next three and a half weeks, we will be “traveling” all over the world leaning about how different countries celebrate the holidays. Today, we got our suitcases (that we decorated last week) and a plane ticket. Each day, students will get their plane ticket punched as they board the plane to travel to the “country of the day”. As a culminating activity, we will be having a huge celebration in the gym with the other second grade classes. We will be eating foods from different countries, playing games from different countries, and doing lots of different crafts. Watch for a note to come home soon about this special day.

Picture 033

November 27, 2010: Weekly Reminders

1. LIBRARY: We have library on Monday, don’t forget your books.

2. SOCIAL STUDIES TEST: On Tuesday, we will be having our test on Colonial Days. Please make sure that you go over the review packet and study guide that you took home last week.

3. MATH TEST: On Wednesday, we will be having our test on Unit 3 in Math. We will be doing review sheets on Monday and Tuesday. A review sheet will also come home for homework on Monday.

4. BOOK TREASURE: Please make sure to bring back your retelling sheet and envelope by Tuesday this week.

5. DECEMBER SELF ESTEEM PROJECT: Please make sure to bring back your decorated stocking as soon as possible. I would like to get them hung out in our hallway by the fireplace this week.

6. EARLY RELEASE DAY: Thursday, December 2nd will be an Early Release Day, dismissal will be at 1:30.

November 24, 2010: Thanksgiving Feast

On Monday we had our Thanksgiving Feast. We joined the other second grades out in the hallway to celebrate. We each brought in a vegetable for our one-pot turkey soup. We also ate mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn bread, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and apple pie. We each  helped make butter and we got to eat that on our corn bread muffins. A HUGE thank you to everyone who sent in food and to all of the moms who came in and helped out!!

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November 22, 2010: Turkey Stories

Last we week we wrote stories about our “disguised” turkeys. We had to explain what they were dressed up as and how they got that way. We worked on having a good lead and ending. Some of us got to share our stories when we did our video conference with  Texas last Friday. Here are a few of our stories, just click on the name to listen to them.

Haven’s Turkey Story

Jayme’s Turkey Story

Adam’s Turkey Story

Kaitlyn’s Turkey Story

Laura’s Turkey Story

Nicholas’ Turkey Story

November 21, 2010: Thanksgiving Games

Here is a fun game to play for Thanksgiving. You have to dress up the turkey (kind of like disguising him,) so the farmer can’t find him. Just click on the picture to get to the website. Once there, there are a lot of other fun games to play. Just click on “Holiday Fun” under the game (at the website) and it will take you to the other Thanksgiving games. HAVE FUN!!!