December 18, 2010: Weekly Reminders!!!

1.MONDAY: The school has earned enough smile tickets to have Pajama Day on Monday. Don’t forget to wear your pajamas to school!! Also, the family traditions project is due back to school on Monday. Please make sure that you have a detailed, colored picture to go along with your writing.

2.TUESDAY: We will be having our annual Christmas sing along on Tuesday. Please wear your “Christmas clothes” or something red or green. We will be having our Celebrations Around the World test on Tuesday. Please make sure that you go over the study guide that came home on Friday.

3. WEDNESDAY: We will be having our Christmas party on Wednesday. Please wear your “Christmas clothes” or something red or green. We will be having a pancake breakfast in the morning, but you still need to bring or order a lunch. We will also be doing our gift exchange at the party. Please bring a new book, worth $4.00-5.00. It needs to have a tag saying whom it is from.

4. FIELD TRIP: If you have not brought in your $7.00 for our field trip to the Troy Historical Museum, please be sure to bring it in by Wednesday.

5. CHRISTMAS BREAK: We will be on Christmas break from December 23rd-January 2nd.

December 17, 2010: Treasured Possessions

As part of our Polar Express Pajama Party today, students brought in their most treasured possession. We ran out of time, but on Monday we will be doing a writing about them.

December 17, 2010: 2-Digit Addition

This week was a challenging week in math. I introduced the students to 2-digit addition. First, I showed them the traditional way of adding (the “carrying” method or adding with regrouping), where you carry or regroup a number over into the tens column. Then, I showed them another way of adding called “The Partial Sums Algorithum.” In this method, students work from the left to the right, adding the tens, and then the ones, and then adding them together. Students must be able to do both methods. They will be asked on our unit test to show both methods. Once students are proficient in both methods, they will eventually be able to choose the method that they find easiest. I found this video that explains “Partial Sums” in a slow, precise manner. It would be great for your child to watch to review this method, but I think that it is also beneficial to parents. Most of us parents are not familiar with this method because we were not taught this way when we were in school. I have also included a video demonstrating the regrouping or “carrying” method. I hope that you find these helpful!!

I put the videos in the posts below this!!

December 15, 2010: Book Treasure Book

Today we read a wonderful book called, The Legend of the Poinsettia, written by Tomie dePaola. This book tells a legend about the gift of giving. It is set in Mexico, close to Christmas time. All the families are preparing their gifts for the baby Jesus. One family is making a special blanket for the baby, however the mother gets too sick and she cannot finish the beautiful blanket, so the family will have no gift to give on Christmas. So the young daughter tries to finish the blanket but ruins it beyond repair, so she hides from the rest of the town’s people and does not go to church on Christmas. While everyone else is walking into church baring their gifts, the young girl watches from afar. However while there she encounters an old lady who teaches her a valuable lesson. The young girl learns that it is not the gift that you give but the thought that you have put into it, and the mere gesture of giving. Please make sure that your child fills in the retelling sheet and returns the sheet and envelope by next Tuesday. If you would like to listen to the story again, just click on the second blue below.

Legend of the poinsettia