March 30, 2011: Interactive Landform Map

I know we finished up our unit on Landforms, but I just found this really cool interactive landform map. If you would like to explore with it and answer some questions, just click on the picture below. Once there, make sure you click on the pictures in the map key and watch the map change. Then you can click on the little speakers to listen. Have fun!!!!

March 30, 2011: Cookie Island Project

Today we worked on our Cookie Island projects. We used different food items to create landforms on a large sugar cookie. We used green coconut for plains, Hershey Kisses for mountains, brown frosting for dirt, chocolate chips for hills, miniature candy bars for plateaus, blue icing for rivers, and then we placed them on a blue napkin which became or lakes and oceans. We created our islands in the morning, then in the afternoon, we had to draw it out and color it on a sheet. When we were all done, we got to eat our cookies. A HUGE thank you to everyone who sent in food items. THANKS!!!!!!

March 30, 2011: CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I would like to congratulate the students who read and turned in their reading logs on time for all four weeks in March. Each student was given a ticket to write their name on and a winner was drawn for the pizza lunch at Pizza Hut. Our class winner was Jayme!!! A big congratulations to the following: Laura, Conner, Maddie, Matthew, Jayme, Nicholas, Lucas, Jaclyn, Sydney, Angelo, Kaylee, and Kaitlyn.

Picture 110

March 28, 2011: Look What Came!!!

Well, we are officially published authors!!!! The books finally arrived today from the publisher. Everyone was soooo excited to take theirs home. If you did not order a book, it’s not too late. Just drop me a note or give me a call. You can also order additional copies. I ordered one that we will put in the Media Center and students can check it out. I also ordered one to keep in our classroom that students can look at.


March 26, 2011: Weekly Reminders

LIBRARY: Don’t forget that we have library on Monday…Don’t forget your books.

READING LOGS: Week 4 reading logs are due on Monday and must be signed in order to receive your prizes. Each student who had their log signed and turned in on time will get a ticket to put their name on. We will draw one ticket to be our class winner for the pizza lunch and movie.

LANDFORM TEST:We will be testing on our landform unit on Tuesday.  A  review sheet should have come home with your child yesterday.

MATH TEST:  We will be testing on Unit 8 (fractions) on Wednesday.  Watch for review sheets to come home on Monday and Tuesday.

SPELLING: Because of the shortened week, we will not be doing a spelling unit this week. We will resume spelling after the break.

SPRING BREAK:There will be no school from April 1st-10th. School resumes on Monday, April 11th.

COOKIE ISLAND: We will be doing our “Cookie Island” project on Tuesday, and still need large round sugar cookies. If you are able to send these in, please drop me an email or leave me a comment here.  THANKS!!!

APRIL SELF ESTEEM PROJECT: On Monday, your child will be bringing home the April Self Esteem project. They need to write about a memory of the rain. When writing, students should focus on a good beginning and ending and lots of details. Projects are due back to school by Thursday.


March 25, 2011: Book Treasure Book

Today we read Corduroy, written by Don Freeman, as our book treasure book. Poor Corduroy! Why won’t anyone buy him? Could it be because his overalls are missing a button? Late at night the teddy bear searches the store for his button. He never finds it, but he does find a girl who loves him and gives him a home. Your child should have brought home their retelling sheet, envelope, and a button today. Retelling sheets are due back to school by next Tuesday. If you would like to listen to the story again, just click on the video below.


March 24, 2011: Reader’s Theater

This week we started performing reader’s theaters. Each reading group will be working on one sometime over the next month. The kids practiced reading their cards, made a background scenery paper, and puppets. They performed their reader’s theater in front of the class and then did a podcast for the blog. Here are Jayme & Kaitlyn and Haven & Jaclyn performing theirs. If you would like to take a listen, just click on their names below their picture. They would love to hear some feedback, so please leave them a comment and let them know what you think!!

Picture 075

Jayme & Kaitlyn’s Readers Theater

 Picture 076

Haven & Jaclyn’s Readers Theater