April 26, 2011: Spelling~Unit 24

This week we are working on Unit 24 in Spelling. Today, your child should have brought home their spelling preview. Please make sure that your child studies these 6 words that will be on the test on Friday. Spelling homework should have also come home today, and is due back to school by Friday. This week’s skill is working with long vowel sounds. If you would like to play a game and practice this week’s skill, just click on the picture below.

THIS WEEK’S WORDS ARE: every, found, still, between, name, could

April 25, 2011: Weekly Reminders

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! Have fun on your day off and I’ll see everyone tomorrow!!

NO SCHOOL: Don’t forget there is no school on Monday. Since there is no school, we will not be going to the library. Please hold onto your books until next Monday.

AUTISM HAT DAY: On Wednesday, April 27th. we will be having “Autism Hat Day.” This is a a fundraiser for autism. If you would like to participate, you must bring $1.00 on Wednesday and you will be able to wear a hat of your choice that day.

CLASSROOM POETRY READING: On Wednesday, we are having our classroom poetry reading. You will be standing up in front of the class and reciting your poem (it should be memorized). THIS IS A REQUIRED ASSIGNMENT, IF YOU DID NOT BRING IN A COPY OF YOUR POEM YET, I MUST HAVE IT BY TUESDAY.

SCHOOL POETRY CONTEST: If you would like to be considered for the school’s poetry contest, let me know on Wednesday. We will be sending 2 students to represent our class. I am looking for students who have memorized their poem, have great fluency and expression, and props!! If you don’t want to be considered for the school contest, just let me know on Wednesday. The school’s poetry contest will be @ 10:00 on Friday and parents are welcome to come!

April 21, 2011: Jelly Bean Graphing Activity

Today, we did a fun activity with jelly beans. We started off by getting a cup of jelly beans. Then we sorted them by color on a jelly bean mat. Next we had to count how many of each color we had and then colored it in on a bar graph. Then, we had to write fractions for how many of each color we had. Finally, we got to eat them….yummy!!!

April 21, 2011: Spring Fling Basket

Our annual Spring Fling is quickly approaching!! Notes came home today regarding the raffle baskets. Second grade’s basket is “Spa for Mom.” The collection basket will be in our hallway after Easter Break and will be ready for donations. Children can start bringing in items and putting them out there. Suggestions for the basket include: lotions, soaps, candles, body scrub, bubble bath, wooden massager, soothing sounds CD, etc. This basket could include anything to help pamper mom. The date of the Spring Fling is May 19th. Thanks in advance for your donations!!!!

April 21, 2011: Spring Poems

Today during writing, some students chose to write Easter/Spring poems. Here are a few examples:

The Hat I made
Written By: Sydney
The hat on my head was made by me.
Its silly and cute as you can see.
The flowers aren’t real, but they’re pretty, I think.
And, because they’re not real, they won’t need a drink.
Bunny, Bunny
Written By: Kaitlyn
Bunnies, bunnies white and soft.
Hopping, hopping, bouncing off .
Easter eggs, he’s coming soon.
I’m excited, how bout you?
Bunnies, bunnies give me eggs.
I can’t wait till Easter Day.
Bunny, I can’t wait until you come to give me more.
I’ll be waiting at my door.
Easter Eggs
Written By: Haven
Easter eggs, Easter eggs, one found.
123 second round
Easter eggs, Easter eggs almost there.
Is there one over there?
Easter eggs, Easter eggs, what is that?
That is the bunny, and he is fat!
Easter Eggs
Written By: Laura
Easter eggs, Easter eggs hidden all around.
Different colors green and brown.
Blue, red, yellow and orange.
Children run and look around.
Children look up and down.
Behind the bushes and all around.
They found it up in the tree…
Hop, Hop, Hop
Written By: Chakiris
Hop, hop, hop in the house.
1, 2, 3 as I hide the egg.
Wake up wide and open your eyes.
Smile real hard and say mmmmmmm…..