May 21, 2011: Weekly Reminders

LIBRARY: We will not be visiting the library any more this year. Please be sure to return your books on Monday!!

4th QUARTER MATH ASSESSMENT: We will be taking the big math test on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Please make sure to go over all 3 review packets that came home last week. This is a VERY important test, report card grades will be based on the results.

REPTILE TEST: On Monday, we will be taking the reptile test. Please make sure you go over the review packet that was sent home on Thursday. The next animal group that we will be studying is birds.

ZOO TRIP: We will be visiting the Detroit Zoo on Thursday. Watch for a reminder note to come home on Tuesday. If you are chaperoning, please be at school at 8:35. We should return back at school around 2:00.

SPELLING: We are done with our spelling units. For the next couple of weeks, we will be reviewing words from the second half of the year. Watch for a pre-test to come home on Monday. There will be 20 words on the test next Friday. There will not be anymore spelling homework for the rest of the year.

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