August 31, 2011: Supply List

Hello everyone!! I know the class lists were posted today and many of you are wondering about school supplies. Listed below are the school supplies that I recommend for my class. I can’t wait to meet everyone on September 6th!!! Enjoy your last couple of days of summer vacation!!

1 pencil box with name labeled on the outside

4 highlighters-4 different colors

1 backpack-labeled

2 boxes of Kleenex

box of crayons-no more than 64 please

box of colored pencils

Fiskars pointed scissors

#2 pencils

pencil sharpener-with enclosed area to catch the shavings

big pink eraser

10 glue sticks-no bottle glue please

3 black and white composition books

 binder tabs- 5 tabs (I will supply binders)

Clorox Wipes