September 20, 2011: Noun Game

Today we talked about common nouns and proper nouns. Here is a cool game for practicing them, it’s called Noun Dunk. Just click on the picture below to get to the website.  Have fun!!

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4 thoughts on “September 20, 2011: Noun Game

  1. Mrs short, the noun basketball game is so awesome. I am so happy to see a new game on the blog. I got 30 points for getting them all right. You are the best 2nd grade teacher ever.
    Love, Sophia

  2. Hi Sophia!!!
    I’m so glad you like the noun game and that score of 30 is AWESOME!!! I am also really glad that you are commenting on our blog, I love to hear from my students. I hope you have a terrific weekend….see ya Monday!!!

  3. Hello, Mrs. Short this is Sydney from two years ago. I was wondering if you still do mystery reader?

    thx, P.S, my nickname is CeCe just so you know

  4. Hi Sydney,
    How did you get the name of CeCe? Yes, we still do Mystery Reader. We had our first Mystery Reader yesterday. It was Mr. Zielinski.

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